Darlington Harriers Club Championship - Rules and Points

Darlington Harriers Club Championship - Rules and Points

The club encourages friendly competition between athletes and we want to recognise people for their performances over each season.  In addition to prizes given to junior athletes the Seniors have a number of competitions they will automatically be entered into.  Athletes are placed in age categories per competition to ensure fairness.

Race Awards


This document outlines the competitions that exist within the club

Darlington Harriers Race Awards 2016-17.pdf

This document captures performances and points gained per race. 

It is up to the individual athlete to notify Andrew Park of any missing or incorrect times.  Andy can be contacted at andrewpark.darlington@googlemail.com

Previous Years competitions


Darlington Harriers Race Awards 2014-15.pdf

Road race Pts tally 2014-15.xlsx


Darlington Harriers Road race Pts tally 2015-16 - 30th October 2016.xlsx