Winners from 2014-15 season

Darlington  Harriers winners 2014-15

Cross Country


Daniel Cutter               1st

Jacob Rutter                2nd

Nathaniel Bell              3rd

Charlotte Rutter           1st

Emily Vest                    2nd


Liam Brittle                   1st

India Pentland              1st

Megan Noble                2nd

Ellie Phillips                  3rd


Stella Jones                  1st

Katie Noble                   2nd

Keely Scott                   3rd


Ben Lambert                 1st

Jamie Wood                  2nd

Ben Tinkler                   3rd


Simon Rogers               1st

Drew Inglis                    2nd

Dave McKenna             3rd

Sue Phillips                   1st

Linda Noble                   2nd

Diane Jones                  3rd


Graham Bell1st V60

Ian Barnes1st V75

Val Clarke1st V55

Rose Rutherford1st V60

Shirley Gibson1st V65

Track & Field


1st Nathaniel Bell

2nd George Peacock

3rd Olivia Bell


1st Charlotte Rutter

2nd Megan Noble

=3rd Ella Lee & Emma Hart

1st Joseph Sawyer

2nd Liam Brittle

=3rd James & Oliver Constantine


1st India Pentland

2nd India Oates

3rd Stella Jones

1st Ethan Crawford

2nd Ryan Kerr

3rdKieran Hardy

Most Improved: Aimee and Niamh Musgrave


=1st Katie Noble & Layla Bell

2nd Lucy-Erin Hunter

=3rd Megan Summers and Alice Parsons

Most Improved – Mikayla Jordens

1st Reece Naisbitt

2nd Luke Stockdale

=3rd Ben Lambert and Josh McLay

Most Improved – Max Pentith


1st Kieran Maxwell

2nd Karl Challand

3rd Joe O’Hara


1st Sue Phillips

2ndErin Richings

3rdCorrine Murray

1st Colin Taylor

2ndCurtis Metcalfe

3rdSteve Bousfield

Most Improved – Mark Tallon

Seniors Race Awards

Championship based on best 6 races at certified distances up to marathon. 1 race must be 10 miles or over and 1 race must be less than 10 miles.

Senior Championship

1st Paul Cook

2nd Graham Hindmarsh

3rd Andy Park

1st Louise Talman

2nd Clare Park

3rd Jade Hutchinson

V40 Championship

1st Simon Rogers

2nd Dave McKenna

=3rd Paul Keedz

=3rd Steven Elliott

V35 Ladies

1st Alison Matthews

2nd Corinne Murray

3rd Linda Tinkler

V50 Championship

1st Jeff Miller

2nd Clive Green

3rd Paul Kelly

V45 Ladies

1st Sue Phillips

2nd Linda Noble

3rd Lesley Miller

1st Graham Bell V60

1stHari Singh V75

1stVal Clarke V55

1stShirley Gibson V65

Grand prix based on best 7 performances from a possible 10, 10k races

Senior Grand Prix

1st Colin Taylor

2nd Paul Cook

3rd Peter Armstrong

1st Louise Talman

2nd Charlotte Knowles

3rd Jade Hutchinson

V40 Grand Prix

1st Paul Keedz

2ndSimon Rogers

3rdDave McKenna

V35 Grand Prix

1st Corinne Murray

2nd Alison Matthews

3rd Linda Tinkler

V50 Grand Prix

1st Jeff Miller

2nd Martin Phillips

3rd Clive Green

V45 Grand Prix

1st Sue Phillips

2nd Lesley Miller

3rd Linda Noble

1st Ian Barnes V70

2nd Hari Singh V70

1st Val Clarke V55

1st Shirley Gibson V65

Best Overall

Best overall based on winners of the above categories, calculated on best average points score i.e. points total divided by 6.

Male Paul Cook

Female Alison Matthews

Most Improved

Male Paul Keedy

Has broken the 44 min barrier for 10k after several years of trying at another club, several times and is now looking to break 42.  Has also PB’d in 5k, 10mile, Half marathon and 20mile

Female Lesley Miller

Ran first track events, smashed her 5k time around 10 times, took 5 mins off her 10k time, PB’d at 10m and ran her first and 2nd Half marathon

Marathon Award

Marathon award for the best age related performance over the marathon distance during the season - using the WAVA calculator

Male Paul Cook London

Female Shirley GibsonYork

Ian Barnes Award

Ian Barnes awarded for the best age related performance over any distance during the season - using the WAVA calculator.

Male Simon Rogers Darlington 10k

Female Sue Phillips Heaton 10k

2nd Claim Athlete of the year

= 1stSharon Barlow

= 1stTori Green

Difficult to split these two athletes

Sharon has won a number of events throughout the year including

Nottingham and Sheffield Half Marathon (Tori was 3rd and 2nd in these races) as well as finishing first Northern Irish lady at the Belfast


Tori has ran some exceptional times over the longer distances including two 2:50 marathon’s at London and York and a top 10 finish within the Elite race at the Great North Run.

Off Road Athlete of the year

Male Mark Milner

Female Heather Mochrie

Both Mark and Heather were Overall winners of the Hardmoors 60. 

Heather also was first lady at Hardmoors, 30, 60, Wainstones, White Horse, Saltburn, Pathfinder, Hanging Stones Marathon, Osmotherley 20k, Guisborough 20k.  She was also 2nd at the DT20 and 3rd lady at Hardmoors 110.