Track Etiquette

Track Etiquette – The Do’s and Do not’s of track!

Working towards our club accreditation a risk assessment has been carried out to ensure that all our athletes are safe on track nights.

Here is a few reminders for everyone,please take two minutes to read this as it’s important for everyone’s wellbeing.

  • When gathering at the trackside before commencing training or whilst warming up, do not stand on the track itself so as not to impede other people using the track.
  • When recovering in between sets, step off the track so as not to impede other people using the track.
  • When running on the track and you become aware of a faster runner approaching from behind, DO NOT stop or move across the track as they will find a way past you more easily and safely.
  • Don’t warm up the wrong way around the track when other groups are using it
  • NEVER walk across the centre of the track if another group is throwing implements. Pain is temporary, death is forever.

  • Always check for runners before stepping onto the track to avoid possible collision.
  • Always enjoy your running and by following these few guidelines it will be relatively Risk Free.