Senior Harriers Weekly Update w/c 9th November

London’s calling to the faraway towns…..On Tuesday night Linda Noble looked nervous as runners waited with bated breath for the club draw for London Marathon.Steve Elliott and Barry Talman were first out of the hat with Anne Hutchinson and Mark Haymer providing backup in case either runner couldn’t compete.Well done guys, look forward to seeing you in the big smoke!

Over in Hawaii Susie Stephen ran in the Kailua School Surfriders 10k race around the enchanted Laketown. In a field of 75 runners Susie finished 1st lady and 4th overall in 40:50.9. Susie is taking on her first ironman in December, more of that next month.

On Saturday, in Dublin Ireland Sue Phillips and Ian Barnes wore their GB and Harrier vests with pride in the British Masters XC National championships.Results have not been released yet but we know that Sue finished 2nd V50.Major achievement to represent your country at any level.

On a miserable Saturday morning at parkrun 260 runners took part in the morning’s parkrun.Despite the conditions Colin Taylor put in a storming performance to finish 2nd overall in 17:15 for a new PB.Well done Colin top running.Peter Armstrong finished 6th in 19:38 with Paul Cook pacing sub 20mins finishing 9th in 19:54.New member Natalie Curgenven dug in for 12th just missing out on sub 20 in 20:08 with Steve Elliott finishing 14th for another PB performance of 20:20.Two weeks running Steve!

Andy Dobson was 16th in 20:33, Stuart Armstrong 1 second outside his PB in 17th for 20:34, Louise Talman 19th in 20:35 and John Dunne 21st in 20:42.Ian Morris was 29th in 21:09 shortly followed by Sean Connolly 21:23 in 31st, Juris Silvos 21:27 in 32nd and David Tomlinson 21:35 in 34th place.Ian Brown was next home in 21:55 for 38th, Peter Foulds 22:22 in 45th and junior Harry Wilson 51st in 22:49.Bally Singh finished 57th in 23:19 for 57th, Jade Hutchinson 23:29 for 61st with Michael Sangster 7 seconds further back and one place for a new PB of 23:36.Well done Michael.Sarah Tomlinson also PB’d finishing 2 seconds behind Michael in 23:38 with Graham Garvey finishing in the same time for 64th.Graham turning pacer today for the club.Robert Austin finished 70th in 24:04 with Shirley Gibson 73rd in 24:10.Simon Daniels 84th in 24:57 with Andy Williamson one second and one place further back.Good to see you both running again and well done Dave on 50 parkruns.

Iain Girard finished 89th in 25:10, Anne Hutchinson 94th in 25:20, Tai Charlton 95th in 25:21 and Julie Beck 104th in 25:44.Dave Hamer, back after injury was 111th in 25:59, Craig Stoddart 124th wearing his new parkrun runner of the month trainers finished in 26:36 alongside Justin Hindmarch in 125th for the same time.Tina Corah was 148th in 28:02, Brian Burdon having a fine run in 161st in 28:47, Paula Roberts again after injury running well to finish 187th in 30:03, Stephen Dauber 204th in 31:06 and Aly Williamson running with a friend finishing

215th in 32:23, 8 mins off her PB pace.Steve Tinkler ran his first parkrun finishing in 36:07 for 244th place despite the copious amount of lager the night before.Well done Steve and well done everyone who ran, great to see so many Harriers running.

Over at Tees Barrage young Sam Talman showed dad Barry and Uncle Andrew how to do it.From a field of 153 runners Sam finished 13th in 21:43, Andy Park 18th in 22:07 and Barry 19th in 22:08.Saving something for Leeds Abbey ‘Splash’ no doubt.John Hall was the lone Harrier over at Albert Park Middlesboro finishing 28th in 21:01 from a field of 219.

 Despite the expected hurricane conditions in Leeds Sunday morning the early morning heavy rain had dispersed and winds dropped to allow one of everyone’s favourite races to go ahead as planned.Not exactly the most scenic of races, Leeds Abbey Dash is a fast out and back race with a couple of inclines but nothing to worry a Harrier. In a field of over 9,000 runners Jeff Millerfinished 656th in 38:58 with Nathan Smith 39:08 for 671st and Andrew Park closely behind in 675th in 39:05.Ali Matthews finished 707th in 39:20 followed by Andrew Dobson 39:55 in for 795th Justin Hindmarch in 851st in 40:14 for a new PB with Barry Talman 900th in 40:36 and Louise Talman 992nd for 41:11.Garry Collinson finished in 42:36 for 1241st place closely followed by Paul Keedy in 42:43 for 1265th.

Mark Robinson was 1322nd in 43:03, John Dunne 1368th in 43:17 for a new PB, Craig Stoddart 43:01 for 1314th , Clare Park 43:54 for 1493rd Graham Garvey 44 mins dead and Jade Hutchinson 44:15 for 1549th. Val Clarke finished 4th in her age category in 1584th position in a time of 44:23, Andrew Glencross 1929th in 45:51.Peter Dods finished in around 46:15 although his time is currently missing in action. Jamie Baldasera had a cracking run and finished with a new PB in 47:37 for 2392nd. Richard Easterbrook finishing with his best time since 2014 to finish 3768th in 52:05, Stephen McAllister finished in 48:18 for 2617th , Bally Singh 48:23 2650th with Anne Hutchinson finishing in53 minutes flat for 4060th.Iain Girard broke his PB finishing in a brilliant 53:09 for 4101st .Great running Harriers

After a week where even ducks were sick of the wet weather Hartlepool XC was geared up to be fun…..oh and muddy!Watch out for the Captain’s report for results through a separate communication and via our website.

Our new website is up and running and how good does this look!Although there is much more that is going to be added in terms of content this will be the interface for the club moving forward. A big shout out to David Aiken who has built this in his spare time for the club, really looks slick and professional.Please could you provide any feedback to me directly so I can manage any changes into David.

Club Championship

Andrew Park has kindly taken over the duty of uploading points for the club and has spent time creating formula’s to speed up the results process.Thank you Andy, much appreciated, one off my list!

New Feature this week

This week’s getting to know you is with Lesley and Jeff Miller who also celebrated their 21st Wedding Anniversary.

For future reports I’m looking for volunteers to complete one of these as we have a number of new members and would be good to make everyone known.Please email me if you are interested, otherwise I will ask individuals J

1.If you could have three wishes granted, what would they be?

  • JM: Paul Keedz to be Prime Minister, Sunderland to beat more than just Newcastle every season and to be a judge in a beauty contest!
  • LM: after today it would have to be to end all war and terrorism, on a more personal note would love to have better skin and of course to be able to fly
  • 2.If you could be an animal what would you be?
  • JM: Kanzerös
  • LM: Golden Labrador
  • 3.Who would win in a fight between Spiderman and superman?
  • JM: Superman
  • LM Spiderman
  • 4.What are your hobbies?
  • JM: Grandkids, Dog walking, housework, Dolphin Training and err running!
  • LM: Running of course, no time for anything else
  • 5.Are you a half glass empty or half glass full person?
  • JM: Depends if you look it from the top or the bottom
  • LM: Definitely glass half full
  • 6.How many siblings in the family?
  • JM: 2 Brothers and a sister!
  • LM: Rather not answer that, he's a knob
  • 7.What is the weirdest job you’ve ever had?
  • JM: Assistant roofer for 3 days, well I carried the tiles up a ladder
  • LM: Counting incontinence knickers in a care home for the monthly stock take
  • 8.If you were on death row, what would you choose for your last meal?
  • JM: I've been a vegetarian for 25 years, so it would have to be a Taylor’s pork pie, washed down with a bottle of Stella
  • LM: Anything with goat’s cheese
  • 9.How do you think your best friend would describe you in 3 words?
  • JM: What a tw@t
  • LM: Obsessed with running
  • 10.If you had to change everything about yourself except for one thing, what about yourself would you like to keep the same?
  • JM: I would keep my flowing blonde hair
  • LM: My Legs
  • 11.If you could pick any place to live, where would it be and why?
  • JM: Northumberland on the coast, beautiful part of the country!
  • LM: Nothing comes to mind, quite happy in sunny Darlington
  • 12.While growing up, what was your dream job and why?
  • JM: Dolphin trainer, not really, boringly a footballer, the chance of playing in front of thousands of people every week would have been nice!
  • LM: Can't remember that far back, didn't have any idea what I wanted to do
  • 13.De Nero or Pacino?
  • JM: De Nero
  • LM: Neither, Robin Williams for me RIP
  • 14.And finally, what is your personal mantra?
  • JM: Can't is not a word!
  • LM: Do unto others etc. too nice for my own good sometimes