Senior Harriers weekly update w/c 9th January

Last Sunday morning at the Stuart Parlour memorial (aka the Old Monks race), Hartlepool results are now in.Simon Rogers (not Daniels)

Finished 13th in 35:20, Shaun Marshall 20th in 36:11 and Louise Talman 37:38.Husband Barry finished 32nd in 38:08,with Alison Matthews eight seconds behind in 34thdespite just returning from her vacation.

Sue Phillips finished 45th in 40:11, with daughter Ellie 55th in 41:33 with the ladies taking the top 4 positions.Outstanding running everyone.  Also last Saturday in Edinburgh, Richard Easterbrook took on thegreat Winter 5k run before the International XC proceedings finishing in 763rd place in 26:31.Sorry we missed you last week Richard.  As reported last week Paul Lowe was one of a handful of Harriers in action at the Commondale Clart race.Paul finished in an impressive 2nd place in 35:42, Paul Kelly running for DFR 54th in 46:49 and Mark Milner 69th in 49:55.Well done all three of you.

At a cold and slightly icy South Park nearly 50 harriers were on show despite a busy weekends running on the agenda.Colin Taylor was first home from the club from the 325 runners in 2nd placein 17:47 with youngster Sam Talman 15th in 20:07 one second and one place ahead of Linda Noble and two ahead of Steven Wilkinson who finished in 20:12.John Dunne had a strong run finishing in 20:28 one place and two seconds ahead of Andy Dobson with Dylan Wilson 23rd in 20:45Johnathan Gray had a great run finishing 24th in 20:47 for a new personal best with Leon Reeve two seconds behind with Dom Colley 37th in 21:47.David Aiken put his quickest time in for over a year in 45th in 22:17 supported by Ian Morris one place and one second behind, Sean Connolly battling against the elements i.e. a hangover finished 59th in 22:36 three seconds ahead of Dave McKennaand five ahead of David Ralph in 61st.

David Tomlinson finished 65th in 23:05, Andrew Glencross 68th a second behind two seconds and two places ahead of Robert Austin with Martin Whitfield 72nd in 23:10, Bally Singh 74th 23:13 with Paul Lowe pacing in 76th just behind.Barry Talman finished 78th in 23:19 one place and second ahead of Shaun Marshall with Paul Cook 86th pacing Sam Richardson in 88th for a new personal best of 23:30.Iain Girard finished 97th in 23:53, Jade Hutchinson 99th two seconds behind but ahead of Peter Armstrong 100th in 23:56 and Justin Hindmarch 102nd in 23:58.Simon Daniels finished 106th in 24:04, Clare Park 107th in 24:05 andsoon to be new member Viv Pow 114th in 24:40 supported by Graham Garvey who was pacing on the day.Steve McAllister finished 124th in 25:15, HarryWilson and dad Kevin finishing together in 25:18, Jonathan Boyle 134th in 25:36 and Brian Burdon 154th in 26:40.

Dave Hamer finished 179th in 27:48, Zoe Rogers 188th in 28:40 and Stephen Dauber 30 mins flat.James Hindmarsh finished 243rd in 31:05 brother Jonny 248th in 31:19 with Jemima Haymerrunning with dad Mark finished in 33:25 for a new personal best.Laura Girard finished in 297th in 36:03 ahead of Amanda Garvey Kovac 317th in 42:19, another step towards full fitness with Shirley Gibson once again supporting runners at the back to ensure everyone got round safely. Elsewhere John Hall was first finisher with a strong run at Albert park finishing in 37th place in 21:59, Alex Bos next home 110th in 26:07 and Gerda Arts 114th in 26:25.Julian Pinkney finished 97th in 27:36over at Tees Barrage with Andy Williamson making his debut in 106th in 28:01 from 251 runners. Well done all.

On a cool Sunday morning in York a large contingent of Harriers took on the flat and fast half marathon, the Brass monkey in near perfect conditions.  Russ Adams finished in a superb 16th place in just over 73 minutes with Shaun Marshall had a superb run finishing in 1:19:13 for a massive PB followed by Simon Rogers who had another strong run finishing in 1:20:32 with Barry Talman also putting in a great run to earn himself a new personal best in 1:22:16 with wife Louise 1:23:41 another personal best.Garry Collinson was another to gain a PB on the day achieving 1:25:35 with Peter Armstrong taking time of his previous best in 1:26:07 just ahead of Jeff Miller who’s been battling a cold in 1:26:21.Andrew Park finished in 1:28:39 two seconds ahead of Justin Hindmarch who smashed the 1;30 barrier finishing in 1:28:41 for a new personal best.

David Tomlinson who’s been in great formalso finished with a new PB of 1:28:48 ahead of Karl Hume in 1:30:49 also for a huge personal best, Jade Hutchinson another runner to show her class on the day finishing 1:31:37 and Dave McKenna 1:32:33.Andy Dobson had a great run surpassing his expectations on the day finishing in 1:33:44 helping Steve Elliott achieve a new personal best in 1:34:08.Graham Garvey finished in 1:36:37 for a new personal best ahead of David Bracken finished in 1:36:50 with the veteran Val Clarke finishing in 1:38:14 ahead of Ian Brown in 1:39:33 and Pauline Brown 1:39:59.Clare Park finished in 1:40:35, for a new personal best,Andrew Glencross finished in 1:42:16, Antoni Hall taking four minutes of his previous best finishing in 1:44:08 and Sarah Tomlinson 1:45:32.

Emma Morley was next to finish in 1:47:03, Peter Dods 1:48:14 ahead of Paul Rossington 1:52:24 for a massive personal best, Julian Waller in 1:53:17 and the legend that is Stephen McAllister in 1:53:38.Shirley Gibson just piped Jonathan Boyle with Shirley finishing in 1:55:25 and Jonathon in 1:55:29 with David Ralph 1:56:55 I believe for a new personal best ahead of Zoe Rogers who broke her PB finishing in 1:57:40.Andy Gibson was shortly behind in 1:58:59 with John Cook also taking 90 seconds of his previous best finishing in 2:01:32.

Martin McGregor finished in 2:08:45 ten seconds ahead of Brian Burdon in 2:08:55 who had another strong run, Kerry Oyston finishing in 2:09:09 also for a new personal best.Gemma Raper finished in 2:12:44 ahead of Graham O’Hara who unfortunately picked up an injury and had to walk a large proportion of the race after a strong start with Rachel Maddison anotherrunner to perform on the day taking two and a half minutes of her previous best and Lisa Smedley taking seven minutes of hers as she finished in 2:30:57.Outstanding results from everyone involved.Well done everyone!

On Sunday at OrmesbyNYSD, Harriers still managed to put out strong teams for both Men and Women despite a large number missing due to the Brass Monkey.

Results will be posted next week but here’s our two teams line up pre race.