Senior Harriers Weekly Update w/c 6th July

Senior Harriers Weekly Update w/c 6th July

Revisiting last week’s races, starting at Hamsterley Forest 11 mile event, Big Ben Wilson shown in the picture below powered home first for the club. In a field of 83 runners Ben finished 11th in a solid 81:31. Ben a former low 35 minute 10k runner back at the club for a second spell has shown really great progress already this year and showing that there’s life in the old dog yet.Hopefully Ben will inspire some other Vets to return to the club and support the club into the 125th year.Graham Garvey also competed in this race finishing 18th in 86:56..Down at Harrogate 10k, Steve Wilkinson had a last minute change of heart and decided to race.Spies at the race spotted a 3rd Harriers vest at the race and we have proof shown below.There was an issue with Steven’s timing chip which had him finishing in 50 mins however he finished in 44mins in around 120th place.


The week’s action started in Jarrow on Monday evening with the ever impressive Sue Phillips competing in the 800m.Sue finished 1st in 2mins 49 showing the rest of the field how it’s done.Awesome work.

Tuesday evening saw more Harriers in action this time at the Bridges of the Tyne 5 mile race, an out and back flat race.In a field of 381 runners , David McKenna was first home for the club in 31:58 for 64th position Sue Phillips finished in33:01 92nd only 24hours after her track race.Sue finished as 1st V50 and is now ranked 6th in the UK over the distance in her age category. Steven Elliott armed with a new Garmin finished in 34:58 142nd with ultra-runner Mark Milner finishing in 37:19 for 203rd position. Shirley Gibson finished 101 places ahead of the pack to finish in 41:23 280th showing the young ones how it’s done….oh and Shirley was 1st V65.Impressive work everyone.

Wednesday evening, a number of Harriers decided to have a run…or should that be a climb up….the Guisborough Grunt 10k ish race.With over a 400 metre climb to take on, trainers were not required but climbing rope and boots were.94 brave/fool hardy runners took to the climb. Dave”the beast” McKenna clearly didn’t work hard enough on Tuesday and once again finished first for the club in 26th position in a time of 52:30.Really impressive work Dave. Jeff “windy” Miller showed the youngsters a clean pair of heels…well muddy to finish in 35th in 54:38 with Peter Armstrong following Jeff over the line in 38th in a time of 54:50. Heather Mochrie finished 43rd in 55:38 with Darren Stockdale crossing the line in 46th in a time of 56:45. Paul Keedz finished 51st in 58:58 with Graham Garvey 54th and Corinne Murray 60th in 59:26 and 60:30.David Aitken finished 67th in 63:48 and Lesley Miller 82nd in 69:16. All deserve a big well done for even taking on the challenge.“Quacker” defector Stephen McAllister (wearing number 47) desperate to join the club donned his club vest with pride was quoted as saying “I would love to join the Harriers, would be nice to run for a big club….do you also eat cake??”Always welcome Stephen!

On Thursday evening, Sue Phillips, Barry and Louise Talman, Jamie Rutherford, Ian Barnes, Linda Tinkler, Katie Noble, Justin Hindmarch and Mark Robinson all took on the Oakleaf 5k trail race. At this time official results have not been posted.

At Saturday’s Darlington parkrun 285 runners took to the line. Nathan Hemingbrough was first home for the club in 4th place for a new PB of 18:05, well done Nathan.Graham Hindmarsh finished shortly behind in 5th position in 18:07.Paul Cook was next round in 11th position in 19:23,Barry Talman finished 15th in 19:42 as well as claiming a new PB, Colin Taylor 17th with an eye on the afternoon’s triathlon finished 17th in 19:57 with Peter Armstrong 2places and 2 seconds behind. Junior Emma Hart paced round by Simon Rogers finished 25th just outside her PB in 20:22, Dom Colley was 31st in 20:41 with Steve Elliott claiming a new PB in 20:44 for 34th place, hard training paying off.Craig Stoddart was next home in 20:47 edging closer to where he was before injury for 36th place with Linda Noble claiming a season’s PB in 38th in 20:51.

Neil Addyman was 41st in 21 min dead, with Graham Garvey and Juris Silvos finishing in 21:04 and 21:06 for 42nd and 43rd position. Junior Sam Talman crossed the line in 47th in 21:46, with Andrew Glencross in 21:51 for 48th.Junior flying machine Harriet Rogers finished 65th in a comfortable 22:49, Tracey Owen was 68th in 22:52, with Charlotte Knowles and Lesley Miller battling it out to finish 74th and 75th in 23:28 and 23:30. Emily Halstead finished in 81st position in a time of 23:42.Our ladies team looking really strong this year and with plenty depth. Tai Charlton finished in a time of 24:53 for 104th with Simon Daniels cruising round in 26:35.Youngster Joseph Kearney finished 181st in 29:03 with young Jonny Hindmarsh finishing in 189th in 29:32.Brian Burdon finished 223rd in 31:17 with James Hindmarsh finishing in a time of 32:57 for 238th. Mum Joanne finished in 34:25 for 255th with Leigh Hindle smashing her PB to finish in 265th.Well done everyone

On Saturday whilst park runners were enjoying the local scenery Matt Capsey took to the hills competing in the 42 mile Lyke Wake event.I can’t even contemplate running that far but Matt finished this in 7hours 43 mins and 42 seconds, an unbelievable achievement.Meanwhile over in Swaledale, treble Swaledale ladies marathon champion Heather Mochrie ran the DT30, part of the Dales Trail series, despite having a difficult day at office Heather dug in there to complete the course and maintain her healthy position at the top of the Grand Slam series. Well done Heather

Great work Matt….respect!

On Sunday afternoon Jeff and Lesley Miller, along with Corinne Murray, Nathan Hemingbrough, Stephanie Kingdon, Ian Barnes and Charlotte Knowles competed in the Kilburn Feast 7mile race. Nathan Hemingbrough was first home for the club in around 46:30 however official results and times have yet to be published.

A new weekly feature ‘Garvey Watch’…where did Graham and his thumbs turn up this week?

For those who missed the Northern Echo this week, we have started publicising our 125th Anniversary event next year on 11th June 2016.If you haven’t already please find the Facebook page with details of the event to come however it will be a fun packed event for all ages with Music, Food, merchandise….oh and some running too!Make sure you pass the word on as we want as many people as possible to attend.

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