Senior Harriers Weekly Update w/c 4th July

At last week’s Hamsterley forest 11 mile race Shaun Marshall was first club runner home in the 127 field finishing in 1:18:22 with Barry Foster 22nd in 1:29:01 and Jamie Baldasera 32nd in 1:33:59. Iain Girard finished 48th in 1:43:19 with Jonathan Boyle 54th in 1:46:15 six

seconds ahead of Stephen McAllister and Lesley Miller, who later transpired was running with a broken toe ran together finishing in 55th and 56th.Tina Corah finished 98th in 2:04:3 and Lisa Smedley 116th in 2:13:14. The team of Lesley, Tina, Iain and Jamie finished 3rd.

In the 18 mile race Peter Armstrong had a storming run to finish 4th in the 28 runner field finishing in 2:21:04 ahead of Alison Matthews who finished 8th in 2:27:29 to claim first lady and Nev Ford 10th in 2:32:28.Graham Garvey finished 14th in 2:40:31 with Ian Morris 18th in

2:54:50 despite picking up an injury on the course.

At last week’s Albert Park Gabi Hall finished 42nd in 21:27 with John Hall 50th in 21:56, Martin Phillips 56th in 22:20 with Gerda Arts 144th in 27:11.We also saw a couple of Harriers missing from last week’s GN10K results as not showing as a Darlington Harrier.Howard Parr

had a great run finishing in 62nd place in 39:54 with Phillips Smithurst running under someone else’s name finishing 2041st in 60:22.

In last Sunday’s Eccup 10mile race Gerda Arts had a great run finishing in 1:31:42 for 524th place.Richard Bowes took on the Red Kite Trail Race, an 8 mile off road mixed terrain race 3 Richard finished 51st in 1:14:57.

At last Sunday’s Track & Field event a number of Harriers doubled up on the day to try and push the combined team up the league table.The team finished the day 3rd despite some athletes disqualified post-race through EA regulations. Results below are split between A

and B races. Well done team!

Mens 100m Jason Rumley 11.7 1stCurtis Metcalf 12.0 1st

Mens 200m Jason 24.3 2nd Tom Andrews 25.3 1st

Mens 400m OwenMcardie 55.6 1st Mark Tallon 1st 62.1

Mens 800m Owen Mcardle 2.13.1 6th Colin Taylor 3rd in 2.16.4

Mens 1500m Colin Taylor 4.54.6 6th Paul Helliwell Disqualified in the B race

Mens 3000m steeple Colin Taylor 3rd in 11.28.6 Phil Teece 1st 12.57.0

Mens 5000m Phil Teece 3rd in 18.11.8 Paul Helliwell Disqualified in B race

Mens 400m hurdles Russell Bewick 5th in 77.6 Phil Teece 2nd in 82.3

Mens 110m Hurdles Curtis Metcalf 2nd in 24.9

Mens Hammer Andrew Cruddass 5th in 18.72

Mens discuss Ben Todd 6th in 20.60Andrew Cruddass 6th in 15.81

Mens javelin 3rd was Ben Todd in 29.90 Andrew Cruddass 4th in 21.17

Mens shot Andrew Cruddass 5th 6.66m Phil Teece 5th in 5.61m

Mens Long Jump Russell Bewick 3rd in 5.33mLuke Stockdale 2nd in 5.25

Mens Triple Jump Russell Bewick 2nd 11.18mTom Andrews 8.13m for 3rd

Mens High Jump 2nd 1.70m

4 x 100m Russell Bewick, Curtis Metcalf, Tom Andrews and Ben Todd 47.1 secs for 1st place

4 x 400m Russell Bewick, Mark Tallon, Own Mcardle and Jason Rumley 4.03.1 for 3rd

Women’s 100m Jade Hutchinson 6th in 15.2Sarah Johnson 2nd 15.5

Women’s 400m Katie Noble 4th 77.4 Corinne Murray 73.8 for 2nd

Women’s 800m Lily Wilkinson 4th 2.36.9 Corinne Murray 2nd in 2.46.1

Women’s 1500m Jade Hutchinson 3rd 5.31.9 Sue Phillips 1st in 5.38.7

Women’s 3000m Linda Noble 3rd in 12.05.3 Katie Noble 2nd in 12.40.7

Women’s 400m hurdles Sarah Johnson 88.9

Women’s 100m hurdles Iona Richings 1st 17.6 Sarah Johnson 1st in 19.6

Women’s hammer Wendy Arthur 7th in 11.56m

Women’s discuss Steph Kingdon 6th in 11.52m Anne Hutchinson 6th in 9.78m

Women’s javelin Sarah Johnson 4th in 15.50mJade Hutchinson 3rd in 11.50m

Women’s shot putt Anne Hutchinson 5th in 6.01m Sue Phillips 6th in 3.96m

Women’s Long jump Lilly Wilkinson 1st in 4.90m Iona Richings 1st in 4.67m

Women’s triple jump Iona Richings 2nd 9.68m Corinne Murray 2nd in 7.23m

Women’s High Jump Lily Wilkinson 1st 1.50m Iona Richings 1st 1.40m

Women’s 4 x 100m relay Lily Wilkinson, Iona Richings, Sarah Johnson and Jade Hutchinson

2nd in 57.9 secs

4 x 400m relay Jade Hutchinson, Sarah Johnson, Lily Wilkinson and Katie Noble Disqualified


On Tuesday night two Harriers headed to Newcastle for the Bridges of the Tyne 5 mile race. Charlotte Knowles finished in 37:11 in 207th position with Emma Morley 293rd in 40:02. Well done ladies!


On Wednesday night at the club’s 10k race Pitstop at Croft Circuit, conditions were perfect for athletes, a stark contrast to last year’s event with the weather cool and only a slight breeze to keep everyone refreshed during the race.Last year the club had a large turnout

with 30+ Harriers taking part but this year saw the club runners having over a 1/3 of the athletes on show with over 100 runners signing up for the night’s race.Many runners put in a personal best performance on the night so those who I have missed off I apologise in

advance, please sign up to the Power of 10 if you haven’t already done so.

Colin Taylor was first home in 12th in a superb 35:39 with Shaun Marshall once again breaking his previous best to finish 15th in 36:22 with Phil Teece 16th in 36:33.The trio also picking up the team prize on the evening.Susie Stephen running the Pitstop for the first

time since 2004 finished first lady for the club in 21st in 37:05, Paul Helliwell 28th in 38:12 and Paul Allan 31st in 39:08 also for a new personal best.Garry Collinson finished 38th in 39:36 with the Paul Lowe, 41st 39:45 and Nathan Smith 42nd in 39:48. Alison Matthews and

Paul Cook ran together in 43rd and 44th with Peter Armstrong seven seconds behind in 39:59 for 46th.

Mark Haymer finished 48th in a massive personal best of 40:08 ahead of Barry Talman 50th 40:30, Sue Phillips 51st in 40:35 and David Bracken 52nd in 40:38 for a new personal best. Tom Leighton finished 55th in 40:56 for a new personal best ahead of Graham O’Hara 56th in 41:15 and Louise Talman 59th in 41:43.Nev Ford finished in 42:01 despite him wanting to run an extra lap instead of crossing the finish line ahead of Justin Hindmarch 65th in 42:02, Richard Bowes 66th in 42:08 for a new personal best and Paul Keedz who was omitted from

the original results but in the top 70 runners with a new course best for him.Stuart Armstrong finished 71st in 42:23 for a new personal best ahead of Barry Foster in 73rd in 42:31 for a new personal best, Steven Elliott 74th in 42:43 for a new personal best, Graham

Garvey 75th for a new personal best with Dom Colley one place further back in 76th in 42:46. Jade Hutchinson finished 78th in 42:55 for a new personal best, Barry Bell 80th in 43:12 for a new personal best and Andrew Glencross 87th in 43:55 just outside his previous best.

Continuing to dominate the top 100, Jamie Baldasera was next home in 88th in 44:13 ahead of Pauline Brown 89th in 44:17, Linda Noble 90th in 44:27, Mark Milner 91st in 44:30, Sharon Carbert 93rd in 44:33 for a new personal best and Michael Sangster 95th again for a new

personal best.Ian Morris finished 96th in 44:46, Karl Hume 98th in 44:54 for a new personal best with Mark Robinson 99th in 45:08.Paul A Cook finished 101st in 45:14 for a new personal best, Val Clarke 106th in 45:42, Peter O’Neill 109th in 45:58, John Brischuk finished

110th in 46:09 for a new personal best, Michael Dolan 111th in 46:09 for a new personal best, Ben Applewhite 115th in 46:42 for a new personal best and Martin Phillips 116th in 46:47.

Sean Connolly finished 120th in 47:07 ahead of Peter Dods 122nd in 47:24 and Simon Daniels 129th in 48:10 and Steve McAllister 131st in 48:15.Robert Austin was another who put in a 133rd in 48:24 for a personal best, Lesley Miller 134th in 48:27 for a course best supported by her husband Jeff 135th in 48:28 as he returns from injury.Iain Girard finished 138th in 48:52 ahead of Becci Carter in 141st in 49:22 for a new personal best and Andy Williamson 146th in 49:37 for a new personal best with Carl Watson 147th in 49:51 also in record time.Antoni

Hall running his first 10k race finished in 150th in 50:07 with Sarah Tomlinson a place behind in 50:15.

Alyson Williamson finished 152nd in 50:18 ahead of Tai Charlton 156th in 51:28 for a new personal best and Anne Hutchinson 156th in 51:36, also for a new personal best. Marion Hart running her first race for the club finished 160th in 51:52 for a new personal best ahead of Gemma Raper for a new personal best.Neil Addyman finished 167th in 52:45 ahead of John Cook in 171st in 53:13 for a new personal best and Shirley Gibson 174th in 53:23.Janice Foster finished 180th in 53:37 for a new personal best, Julian Pinkney 193rd in 55:12 for a new personal best and Julie Beck 195th in 55:39 for a new personal best.

Jared Holdcroft finished 196th in 55:39 ahead of Ian Threadkell 201st in 55:59 and David Aiken 205th in 56:52.Tina Corah finished 206th in 56:55 with Den dale 207th in 57:04 for a new personal best.Philip Smithurst finished 214th in 58:13 for a new personal best with Anneli Mackenzie-Brown back in action to finish 219th in 59:08.Louise Williamson running her first 10k race finished 220th in 59:32 ahead of Martin McGregor 221st in 59:40.Andrea Reese finished 226th in 1:00:14 ahead of Paula Roberts in 230th in 1:02:07 both for course bests, Stephen Dauber 234th in 1:02:39 and Steve Tinkler 235th in 1:03:13 for a new personal best.Lisa Smedley was one place behind finishing in 1:03:48 for a new personal best with Dawn McCready 245th in 1:07:45 and Sally Dale 251st in 1:08:49 also for a personal best.Penny Ivison finished with a new personal best in 251st place in 1:11:56 ahead of Sarah Forster 261st in 1:12:08 and Leigh Hindle 271st in 1:16:44 amongst the 284 who completed the race.

Thank you to all supporters, officials and organisers for such a great night for the club.Big thank you to Karen Newton for once again giving up her own time to take the nights photos.

On Friday, Laura McQuillan also (or mainly) known as ‘FLAPS’ sneaked away with her fiancé Paddy Atkins and got married! Fantastic news and everyone at the club wishes you both best wishes for the future. Also on Friday Nev Ford became a granddad.Some may think Nev doesn’t look old enough to be a granddad but I want you to know Nev, I’m not one of them!! JCongratulations to you and your family!

Another big turnout of 286 runners took to the start line at Darlington’s South park run, Colin Taylor finishing first in 5th place in 18:14 with Paul Lowe 7th in 18:52 powering ahead of Howard Parr 9th in 18:59 and Garry Collinson 11th in 19:02.Peter Armstrong finished 13th in 19:22 with David Bracken finishing 14th in 19:22 for a new personal best along with Mark Haymer 15th in 19:37 also for a new personal best.Barry Talman finished 18th in 19:55 ahead of Andy Dobson 21st in 20:09, Dom Colley 23rd in 20:21 and Paul Cook 26th who was pacing Linda Noble in 28th in 20:30 and a new seasons best.Louis Brett finished 29th in 20:36 fourand one place ahead of Steven Wilkinson.

Sam Talman finished 38th in 21:18 with Graham Garvey 43rd in 21:41 and Megan Noble 44th in 21:46.John Dunne finished 48th in 21:51, Andrew Glencross 51st in 21:59 and Michael Dolan 56th in 22:13.Steve McAllister had a great run finishing 61st in 22;45 ahead of Jonathan Boyle 62nd in 22:50 and Simon Daniels 64th in 23 minutes dead.Sean Connolly finished 66th in 23:20, Lesley Miller 67th in 23:26 and Robert Austin 82nd in 24:15.David Aiken finished 93rd in 25:05, Den Dale 120th in 26:21 one second outside his previous best with Dave Hamer back in action finishing 159th in 28:48 and Brian Burdon 183rd in 30:12.

Over at Sedgefield amongst 217 runners Paul Allan finished 7th in 20:05 on his first visit to the park with Justin Hindmarch setting a new course best finishing 10th in 20:31. At Middlesboro’s Albert park run Alex Bos (showing as NE Vets) and Gerda Arts were the only runners on show from the club amongst the 233 field.Alex finished 55th in 23:36 with Gerda 75th in 24:47 for a new course personal best. At Tees Barrage Sarah Neve finished 122nd in 30:57 for 122nd place on her first visit with Stephen Dauber five places further back in 127th in 31:28.180 people ran.Finally at Northallerton a number of Harriers paid their first visit to the park including Barry Bell who was first to finish in 10th place from the 99 runners in 21:29.Iain Girard was next home in 22nd in 24:07, Tai Charlton 33rd in 26:11, Janice Foster 34th in 26:13, Anne Hutchinson 35th in 26:28 and Julian Pinkney 36th in 26:32, the only non-first timer.Anneli Mackenzie-Brown finished 50th in 28:22 with Emma Ivey 69th in 31:29.That concludes the points from the former EU country.Well done everyone who ran.


On Saturday afternoon Alyson Williamson and daughter Louise took on the Gateshead 5k.Running together the two ladies finished in 28:28 which is a new personal best for Louise.Great work ladies!  Also on Saturday Alison Matthews was back in action at the Borrowdale 22km trail race in the Lake District.Alison finished 4th lady in a tough field of experienced racers over this terrain.Top work Ali. On a busy Saturday for Harriers, at the Lyke Wake challenge on Saturday Mark Milner and adopted Harrier Mike King took on the 42mile race.Mark was first to finish in a superb 8hours 1 min breaking his previous best by around 57 minutes with Mike a few minutes after.Outstanding the pair of you.

On Sunday morning at the Run For All Leeds 10k race Iain Girard was first to finish for the club in 1526th in 50:34, Ian Threadkell 55:58for 2437th, Julie Beck 56:22 3787th, Tina Corah 58:17 in 2630th as places judged on gun time rather than chip time and Danielle Clark 58:28 for 3902th.

On Sunday Harriers headed to Kilburn Feast 7 mile race for the afternoon’s run and not just for the traditional cup of tea post-race! Results won’t be released till early next week however we understand prize money may have been won by some club runners.More on this next week.