Senior Harriers Weekly Update w/c 3rd August

Senior Harriers Weekly Update w/c 3rd August

We start the week at Darlington parkrun and despite the Darlington 10k 24hours away, 27 Harriers decided to have a stroll round South park Darlington in the morning’s run in warm conditions amongst a field of 245.Colin Taylor was again first finisher for the club in 2nd place in a time of 18:02, followed by Paul Cook in 3rd in 18:35. Graham Garvey was next home in 15th position just outside his PB in 20:47, Andrew Park eased round in 21:30 for 23rd along with Jeff Miller 2 seconds and 2 places behind.Andrew Glencross, fresh from a holiday in sunnier climates (Blackpool), broke his PB to finish 26th in 21:37 and edge another step closer to sub 21.Youngster Sam Talman was next home in 32nd position in 21:59 with mum Louise cruising behind in 35th for a time of 22:10.

Peter Armstrong sporting his new Harrier shorts was next home in 47th in 22:48 and Steven Elliott 50th in 22:50, clearly all saving their legs. David McKenna finished 52nd in 22:56, Charlotte Knowles 58th in 23:13 and Mark Robinson 67th in 24:09.Shirley Gibson was 84th in 25:16, Jade Hutchinson 87th in 25:23 with mum Anne just missing out on a PB by 3 lousy seconds, finishing in 89th for 25:24.Lesley Miller who was showing great team work supporting Anne finishing in the same time as Anne for 90th.Dom Colley was 92nd in 25:38 along with Justin Hindmarch and Craig Stoddart who were 1 second and the next two positions behind.Freya Talman ran with dad Barry to finish 144th and 145th with Freya smashing her PB to finish in 29:11 with her dad 1 second behind.Kate Bower finished in 159th in 29:52, Stephen Dauber 180th in 31:15 with Linda Tinkler keeping some in the tank finishing 193rd in 32:34.Joanne Hindmarsh finished 196th in 32:55, 3 seconds outside her PB whilst Leigh Mack took over a minute off her PB to finish 211 in 34:54.Really great work Leigh and by everyone this morning, there was zero air!

Saturday afternoon my phone pinged at me and I had to blink twice as I couldn’t believe what I was reading.Heather Mochrie had not only ran a marathon Saturday morning, Stone Leap fell race, but had actually won the ladies.I know this isn’t exactly the first time Heather has smashed all her competitors in a marathon, fell or ultra-race but it is the first time she’s actually let me know!!

Well done Heather, amazing effort really proud of you.Oh and well done on your marathon win too!! J

Sunday morning. Home town race….sun is out and it’s starting to get warm.9am saw a family fun run with runners from the club participating with their families a brilliant experience for everyone involved.Next up was the Darlington 3km race with 139 youngsters competing.The club had a good turn out with James Roberts finishing 4th in 11:16, Liam Brittle 7th in 11:23, Tom Finney 9th in 11:37, Stella Jones 11th in 11:53, Emma Hart 12th in 11:59, Sam Talman 17th in 12:09, Katie Noble 18th in 12:10, Harriet Rogers 21st in 12:18, Megan Noble 25th in 12:28, Ellie Phillips 33rd in 13:04, Alara Harris 55th in 14:28, William Finney 57th in 14:39, and Philip Roberts 133rd in 22:57.With a group of juniors so talented, the future of our club is in pretty safe hands!

Next up, the Darlington 10k.A record attendance signed up to run with 1850 entries.On a hot day, Drew Inglis kept his cool to finish first finisher for the club finishing 16th in 33:45 outsprinting a local runner.Simon Rogers pulled out all the stops and took over 20 seconds of his PB and blowing away those around him to finish 37th and collect a V45 prize to boot.Colin Taylor again showed his class by finishing in another sub 36 race finishing 39th in 35:56.Sharon Barlow was next to finish in 43rd position in 36:17, finishing 2nd lady and putting other “elite” athletes in their place.Fireman Graham Hindmarsh had no problem dealing with the heat taking a minute of his PB to finish in 36:56 for 60th with Paul Cook finishing around 37:15 with his timing chip deciding to go on strike leaving sports systems putting video footage together to finalise the time.Paul Helliwell was next home in 71st position in a 37:27.Paul showing great form.

James Baker feeling confident after his PB at York went even quicker this time finishing 80th in 37.55.Nathan Hemingbrough finished 88th in a new PB of 38.12. New member Alison Matthews finished her first race with the club with a new PB of 38.55 for 109th place as well as claiming 1st V35 lady after Sharon Barlow picked up the 2nd overall prize, as well as being part of the ladies team prize made up of Sharon and Sue Phillips who took 1st place.That’s some debut!! Well done Ali, top running.Ben Wilson, looking strong as an ex followed shortly behind in 113th in 39.06, followed closely by Dave McKenna in, 128th in 39.21 and Peter Armstrong 136th in 39:36.Andrew Park smashed his PB to finish 141st in 39.41 joining the sub 40 club along with Barry Talman 146th 39.39 and Jeff Miller 150th in 39.54.Andy, Andrew and Jeff all PB’d in the process.Well done gentleman. Matthew McGuire had a great run finishing 155th in 39:58, I suspect this is also a PB.Sue Phillips finished first in her age category and ran a season’s best to finish 170th in 40:42. Well done Sue! Tom Leighton finished 187th in 41:01 and claimed another PB.Louise Talman improved again….I feel like I experience deva vu writing this report ….Louise finished 189th in 40:54 to claim yet another PB.Justin Hindmarch finished 194th in 40:57, Justin dug in, gave us his war face and claimed another PB…good way to celebrate his marriage to Kelly next weekend.

Neil Smith running for Darlington Tri on the day finished 228th in 41:40…PB Neil?Steven Wilkinson had a solid run out to finish 246th in 42:23, a good performance from Steve considering the disjointed training he’s had this injury.Super Steven Elliot finished 253rd in 42:45 and took over a minute of PB.I’m starting to believe this track training may just work after all……Craig Stoddart had a good run again to finish 254th in 42:39 with Paul Keedy claiming another PB in 255th in 42:48 taking him under 43minutes for the first time. Well done that man.Garry Collinson was next to finish in 259th in 43:07 claiming a PB.Much more to come from you too Garry! Graham Garvey finished 269th in 43:12…yes I know it’s boring but he also PB’d.Well done Graham, you really dug in! Dom Colley finished in 283rd in 43:26….another PB!! Brilliant work. Mark Robinson finished 299th in 43:52….it’s getting slightly embarrassing but he also PB’d!! brilliant.

Barry Bell smashed his PB to finish in 308th in 43:44 with Martin Phillips finishing in 315th in 44:19.Juris Silvos finished 316th 43:58 with Corinne Murray getting faster again finishing 325th 44:20.David Aiken smashed his PB by over a minute finishing in 330th 44:04, brilliant work. Val Clarke finished 338th in 44:34 picked up a V prize as well as just missing out on her PB time. Ladies team captain, Linda Noble finished in 350th in 44:22.Andrew Glencross finished 365th in 44:49 not only was it a PB (shock I know) but Andrew was 11 minutes quicker than he was in 2014! Now that’s a compelling story.John Dunne smashed his PB to finish 397th in 45:42 along with James Hare who finished 402nd in 45:49 for another PB.Sean Connolly finished 406th in 45:27 and Clare Park ripped her PB apart to finish 419th in 45:44.

The Legend, Mark Haymer also PB’d the race finishing 420th in 45:47 with Ultra runner Mark Milner finishing 424th in 46:22.Clive Green ran his first race in a very very long time to finish 473rd in 46:57 with new member David Walton 491st in 46:35 smashing his old PB in the process.Tracey Owen smashed her PB to finish 516th in 47:17 along with Les Curtis who did the same to finish 537th in 47:41.Peter Foulds also wrote himself a nice new shiny PB by finishing 545th in 48:19 along with Emily Halstead 551st in 47:55 breaking the 48minute barrier.Lesley Miller finished in 556th 48:00 taking 10 seconds of her PB in the process. Jade Hutchinson who was carrying an injury after damaging her ankle at last week’s tough mudder still finished in 564th in 48:39.Character!! Charlotte Knowles finished 605th in 48:51 despite feeling the effects from her girls day out on Saturday with Emma Morley 608th putting in a great performance to finish in 49:02.

Simon Daniels put in a PB performance 649th in 49:23, well done that man with Shirley Gibson finishing first V65 in 705th position in 51:29.Tai Charlton finished 801st in 52:13 for a new PB, well done Tai.Anne Hutchinson finished in 886th in 53:48 just outside her PB with Veteran Ian Barnes rolling back the years to finish in 942nd in 55:05 as well as picking up first V80.Stephanie Kingdon finished in 1006th in 56:13 also bagging a new PB on her 2nd 10k race with boyfriend and captain Mark Tallon following behind in 1009th in 56:15.Linda Tinkler for the second weekend in a row finished 1163rd in 57:33, with new member Sarah Johnson also bagging a PB finishing 1:01:22 for 1316th place, great work ladies. Harbhag Singh one of the few men on the planet to have run every Great North Run finished 1360th in 1:02:06.Stephen Dauber had a fine run to finish in 1496th in 1:07:08 with Amanda Garvey-Kovac finishing the race with a ‘Mo sprint’ to finish the race in 1596th position in a time of 1:17:22.

Amazing day with a fantastic bunch of people.You all did yourselves and the club proud!