Senior Harriers weekly update w/c 31st October

We start this week with a quick glance back at last weekend’s racing starting at the Yorkshire Coast 10k, Scarborough. Phil Teece finished 1st of the 74 V55 runners finishing in 37:51 for 22nd place, Jade Hutchinson finishing 2nd in her age category in 44:02 for 196th

with Danielle Clark finished in 56:12 in 827th. Andrea Reese finished in 59:47 for 1083rd place, Julia Leach 1:08:42 for 1482nd, Penny Ivison 1:12:26 for 1494th, Sarah Forster 1:16:51 with Joanne Austin just two seconds behind in 1:16:53 for 1552nd and 1553rd.Positions

were based on gun time and not chip time.1625 runners finished the event. Also last week Harry Singh took on the Leicester marathon, a race where Alison Matthews performed so well last year she was given a special shout out this year pre race.  Harry took on an unofficial pacing role for some runners on the day to get athletes under the 5 hour mark and did so finishing in 4:50:31 for 574th position from 672 runners.What a legend! A week further back we also saw Richard Easterbrook head South to Portsmouth to take on the Great South 5k.  Richard finished in 116th place in 24:52. Well done all of you.

On Saturday morning at Darlington parkrun 316 runners braved the typical November weather to take part in the mornings run.Colin Taylor who started near to the back came through to finish first Harrier in 3rd place in 18:03. Shaun Marshall one of a number of

athletes racing Sunday finished 15th in 19:40, Howard Parr one place and one second further back and Dom Colley a further place and second behind Howard.Dean Higham finished 18th in 19:47 after pushing past the sub 20 pacer, David Tomlinson finished 21st in

19:55 with sub 20 pacer Paul Cook 22nd in 19:55 with Graham O’Hara a place and three seconds behind.  Andy Park finished 25th in 20:08, Peter 27th in 20:11, Andy Dobson 28th in 20:15 and Justin Hindmarch 29th in 20:16.David Bracken finished 32nd in 20:30 ahead of junior Louis Brett 35th in 20:46 on his 10th birthday.John Dunne finished 40th in 21:05, Graham Garvey 48th in 21:44, Jade Hutchinson a place behind in 21:50.Clare Park finished 51st in 21:55, Jamie Baldasera 63rd in 22:36, Bally Singh 66th in 22:57 and Nathan ward 70th in 23:07.Val Clarke finished 75th in 23:19, Jonathan Boyle 23:25 a place behind with James Bennett-McNulty two seconds and a place further back.Richard ‘hangover’ Bowes finished 78th in 23:32, Robert Austin 81st in 23:35, Martin Whitfield 82nd in 23:37 ahead of Peter Dods 84th in 23:41and Sarah Tomlinson 87th in 23:46.

Stephen Gardner finished 93rd in 24:09, Jane Teague 96th in 24:12, Paul Rossington 105th in 24:39 and Shirley Gibson 140th in 25:31. Ian Brown was next home in 140th in 26:04, Steve McAllister 141st in 26:05, John Brant 144th in 26:07 and Brian Burdon 148th in 26:24.Pauline

Brown finished 150th in 26:46, Anne Hutchinson 165th in 27:27, Martin McGregor 178th in 28:15, Stephen Dauber 201st in 29:47 and Iain Girard 208th in 30:15.Peter Whitfield again made progress as he finished 223rd in 30:49, Lisa Smedley 240th in 31:35, Barry Foster 241st

in 31:37, Zoe Rogers having a run out with her mum finished 310th (well done mum) in 40:22 with Amanda Garvey-Kovac returning from her operation sooner than expected to finish 312th in 41:55.

Elsewhere Eftham Brhane finished 1st in 16:23 at Albert Park with Alex Bos 111th in 24:59 at Albert Park from 334 runners. Andrew Glencross finished 47th in 23:30 from 232 runners at Sedgefield whilst ‘heart stopping moment of the year winner’ Julian Pinkney finished 45th in 27:49 from 102 runners over at Northallerton.  On Saturday morning a number of Harriers headed to Mansfield for the XC relays.A

number of questions are still outstanding in the results but well done David Aiken, Paul Keedy, Laura Clarke, Paul Allan, Neil Embleton, Neil Addyman, Darren Stockdale, Mark Tallon, Emily Halstead and Paul Lowe for making the long trip and representing the club.

On Sunday morning Harriers headed to Billingham for the next race in 5k trail series. Some good performances on the day in particular in the ladies race which saw athletes finish 2nd, 3rd and 4th place. Results for the series usually take a few days so we will cover this next


Also on Sunday Harriers headed to Derwent water to take on the 10 mile race, the 57th race which is held by Keswick AC and is a race which is entirely on road.This is another event where we are waiting for results to come through so will cover next week.Well done

all who ran.  Over a dozen harriers Guy Fawkes 10, a tough run with plenty of hills to contend with.  Shaun Marshall was first home for the club in 46th in 1:06:53 followed by Mark Milner 210th in 1:17:28 and Graham Bell 243rd in 1:19:24.Ian Brown finished 282nd in 1:21:02 ahead of wife Pauline in 297th in 1:21:44 and Emma Morley 359th in 1:25:33.Gary Morley finished 496th in 1:31:47 ahead of Zoe Rogers who finished in 1hr 33 40 for 534th one place and two seconds ahead of Shirley Gibson.Tina Corah was next home finishing 688th in 1:43:52

Lorraine Wallis 767th in 1:53:01 running along with Allen Hazlett in the same time for 768th with Sarah Johnson and Linda Tinkler also running the route together to finishing 776th and 777th one second apart, Sarah crossing in 1:55:20.  At the Leeds Abbey Dash, a course renowned for being a fast course Jeff Miller was first home for the club finishing in 485th place in 38:55 to break his previous best by one second ahead of Tom Leighton 710th in 40:41 and David Bracken 776th in 40:55.Jamie Baldasera finished 1115th in 43:49 with Balbinder Singh putting in a personal best performance to finish in 46 minutes dead with Jonathan Boyle finishing in 46:17.Lesley Miller finished eight places behind in 46:40, just outside her best with David Ralph also earning himself a new best as he finished in 47:20 for 2083rd place three minutes improvement.Aly Williamson finished 2589th in 51:27 ahead of Den Dale in 2629th as he stormed through for a personal best time of 52:44.  Finishing positions based on gun time meant that Andy Williamson time of 47:31, a new

personal best for him finished in 2679th Simon Daniels 3071st in 50:24,with another personal best performance from Andrew Gibson as he finished in 4294th in 48:15.Not to be outdone Paul Rossington finished in 4758th in 50:09 also for a personal best with Sally Dale taking

over minutes of her previous best to finish in 1:02:45 for 5164th with Louise Williamson 5294th in 1:00:43.Laura Clarke finished in a superb 54:22 for a new personal best to finish in 5295th place with Kerry Oyston 6442nd in 58:50, Danielle Clark finishing in 3518th in 55:22

ahead of Natalia Watson in 1:00:56 for 6491st place and Ian Threadkell in 8601st as he supported his aunty around finishing in 1:30:15.Well done all of you