Senior Harriers Weekly Update w/c 30th November

Senior Harriers Weekly Update w/c 30th November

 Winter has arrived and it’s as cold as an Eskimo’s Fridge freezer!

So to warm up this week’s report we take a quick look at last week’s racing.Last week we touched on the night time Tees trail race over 5k on Wednesday night.Results have now been published and I can confirm from a field of 107 runners, Ben Tinkler was first home in 8th place in 18:50, Ben taking the wrong route missing out on 2nd place, shortly followed by 1st placed lady Alison Matthews in 19 mins dead.Jade Hutchinson, 3rd lady finished 16th in 20:38 with Emily Halstead putting in a fine performance to finish 34th in 23:33 and Michael Sangster 36th in 23:41.

Lesley Miller was next home in 38th place in 23:46 with Anne Hutchinson 47th in 25:33.Julie Beck also ran well to finish 51st in 25:53, Stephanie Kingdom on her tail in 53rd in 26:10 and quickly followed by firstly Sarah Tomlinson 56th in 26:25 and Alyson Williamson 57th in 26:29.Gemma Raper running her first race for the club finished 65th in 27:11 just ahead of Linda Tinkler in 67th in 27:24.Lisa Smedley, new to running and the club finished in an impressive 101st position in 35:18.Well done everyone.


From Thursday Dec 17th (and subsequentThursday’s) I have booked 2 courts of the main hall at the dolphin centre to do some fitness training instead of the track. This will start at 18.00 and finishing at 19.00.This will be in the Main Hall until January 28th excluding Dec 24th and 31st.

Training will be a mixture of shorts sprints, press ups, sit ups, star jumps etc…you get the picture.Training will be £1 each to cover costs.Tuesday will still be at the track.

As mentioned last week, Alison Matthews competed in the Ponteland 10 Mile race.Alison had an excellent run in difficult conditions finishing in 19th place overall in 1:07:20 and 2nd lady. Also last week Emma Robinson competed in the Lee Mills Relay’s on Sunday as part of a team of 4 taking on a tough fell course over a 10k distance.Emma finished with the 12th fastest senior female in 1:12:57 from over 100 runners.

Jamie Rutherford headed over to Nepal to take on the 16th, Everest Marathon which is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the highest marathon in the world. The start line is 5184m (17,000 feet) up close to Everest Base Camp in Nepal. The finish 3446m (11,300 feet) with the course over rough mountain trails. To acclimatise naturally to the high altitude Jamie headed over week’s prior with a 15 day trek to the start under medical supervision, ascents.

Although the course is basically downhill, there are two steep uphill sections with snow and ice on the upper part to make this a gruelling marathon.Jamie did himself, the club and the UK proud by finishing first Briton as well as 2nd non Napoli and 11th overall in a spectacular time of 5hrs 8 mins.Unbelievable stuff Jamie

You can still donate to Jamie’s charity fund, Community Action Nepal at

In other news, the Norman Woodcock 5 mile race on Saturday was cancelled.

On Friday night, Sue Phillips received an award for best age grade performance at the New Marske series.Not only is this a superb achievement but this is 3 years in a row! Some achievement Sue, hats off to you!On the subject of awards, Adam Mitchell also picked up the over 17 Service to Sport Award at the Darlington Sports Winners evening.Well done Adam, well deserved too.

On Saturday morning, not surprisingly there was a low turnout at South Park Darlington this week where only 182 runners ran at the windy and waterlogged 3 lap event.With 38 Harriers making up a high percentage of the field the park was covered in a plethora of Royal Blue and white.Karl Challand, swapping the track for parkrun cruised to victory in 17:16 on his 2nd visit with Colin Taylor ducking under the 18minute barrier in 17:58 for 4th place.Paul Helliwell was next home in 7th in a time of 18:25 followed by Simon Rogers in 8th in 18:36, showing positive signs after injury.Susie Stephen making a surprise visit to the park this morning finished 9th and first lady in 18:55 followed by Jeff ‘windy’ Miller 10th in 19:09 and Paul Cook 11th in 19:22.Peter Armstrong was 15th in 20 minutes dead, Craig Stoddart 16th in 20:28, John Dunne 18th in 20:35 and Ian Morris finishing the top 20 in 20:52.

Graham Garvey was 25th in 21:23 followed home by Andy Dobson 27th in 21:33, Dom Colley 29th in 21:42 and Sean Connolly 30th in 21:46.Clare Park was 31st in 21:50 followed by husband Andy in 33rd a second behind, brother in law Barry Talman one place and two seconds back and Pauline Brown one place behind in 21:56.Peter Foulds finished 37th in 22:11, Dave Hynes 38th in 22:20, Ian Brown 39th in 22:23, Jamie Baldasera 40th in 22:26 and Andrew Glencross 41st in 22:34.Michael Sangster was 48th in 23:04, Lesley Miller 50th in 23:18 with Balbinder Singh “The Karaoke King” one place and one second behind.

Robert Austin was 54th in 23:50, Simon Daniels 60th in 24:08 and Darren Chapman making a rare appearance 63rd in 24:13.Iain Girard had a good run finishing 13 secs outside his PB in difficult conditions, juniors Dylan Wilson 95th and Harry Wilson 96th made it in the top 100 in 26:22 and 26:27 respectively. Gemma Raper finished 115th in 28:19 with Ian Barnes having a rare run out finishing in 28:35 for 120th position and not surprisingly first VM80!Brian Burdon followed Ian home in 124th in 29:02 with Steve Tinkler taking another 2 minutes of his PB on his 3rd visit finishing 136th in 30:28.Top work Steve!Stephen Dauber finished 140th in 30:59.

Justin Hindmarch slept in so missed Darlington parkrun but opted for Hackworth Park, Shildon instead 5 minutes from home. With only 19 runners on show, Justin showed his class and cruised round to victory in 20:59.Well done that man!

A number of runners headed over to West Park, Darlington to take part in the Santa Run, money raised all going to St Theresa’s Hospice.Well done everyone who took part or ran at a park.

Heather Mochrie, Mark Milner and Dave McKenna took on the Frostbite 30 Ultra-marathon in North Yorkshire.This is no picnic with steep climbs, river crossings to compliment the hills, mud and the wet and windy conditions. Heather Mochrie and Dave McKenna somehow finished the event together in 6 hours and 17 minutes for 26th and 27th place with Mark completing the mammoth task in 7 hours 26. 200 crazy runners entered this event.Awesome work guys.

Meanwhile Alison Matthews took on the Eskdale Eureka 8mile Fell Race, an undulating course in muddy conditions to test the best of any seasoned runner.Alison was placed 1st female in a time of 1 hour 9min, top running. At this rate you will need a bigger trophy cabinet Alison. Meanwhile down in Sheffield at the Percy Pud 10k, amongst the 2200 runners Sharon Barlow, Richard Easterbrook and Paul Cook took to the start line in wet and windy conditions.With all 3 runners recently returning to training after injury it was a good test to see how far fitness had dropped off.Sharon finished first for the club, 4th lady in 37:12 for 75th position, a good sign that she is on her way back to her best, Paul was next home in 38:14 in 99th much quicker than anticipated with Richard Easterbrook battling the elements to finish 1028th in a time of 53:08.Good work everyone, not the best weather!

Georgie Rutherford took on her first Ironman challenge in Western Australia despite illness leading into the event.Georgie showed really character by firstly being first pro out of the water in 59 minutes followed by 5 hours 21 on the bike and a 3 hour 47 minute marathon to finish off.Running a marathon on its own is hard enough but to add the other two disciplines into the mix beforehand is unbelievable.Georgie finished in 10 hours 17 minutes.Incredible achievement.

  Tracey Simpson has announced this week that she is 14 week’s pregnant with her second child….another Harrier will arrive June 2016!Congratulations to both Tracey and her husband Gareth.Searching through the Old Testament I found an interesting page……

In case anyone was wondering the gifts would be from our own 3 wise men:

Stephen McAllister-Pint of Gold Cider with a whisky chaser

Barry Bell-Frankie goes to Hollywood Album and a bottle of Vodka

Jeff Miller-Olly Murs CD and a pint of Fosters

Tracey says….

“We're over the moon to be expecting a baby next summer. A little brother or sister for our, soon to be 2 year old. BUT I'm also missing running lol. I didn't so much with my last pregnancy because I hadn't met such a lovely group of motivating runners (cheesy, I know, but true). I'll be ready and raring to go later next year, but until then be sticking to gentle jogs and the odd warm up at the track. 

I'm not going to be a pushy mum, but baby will have his/her first glimpse of the track at the 125th celebrations :)

Bring on June 11th 2016!

This week’s getting to know you are with Stuart Armstrong and Jamie Baldasera.

If you could have three wishes granted, what would they be?

StuartProbably world peace, because a) everyone says that and I don't want to seem selfish, and b) then we could shorten the news and put more sport on the tele, and c) it would make airport queuing much shorter

Jamie i. Go through a finish line with a normal expression on my face.

ii. Cure for baldness.

iii. Find a sports almanac for 2016 onwards.

If you could be an animal what would you be?

Stuarta giraffe then everyone would still recognise me

JamieSloth, they seem to have it pretty easy.

Who would win in a fight between Spiderman and superman?

StuartSuperman obviously


What are your hobbies?

StuartRunning, watching football, particularly the might Quakers, watching my son, Oli play football, travel..

JamieAside from running (obviously) golf, football & holidays.

Are you a half glass empty or half glass full person?

StuartHalf Full

Jamie Probably glass half empty.

How many siblings in the family?

Stuartone younger sister

Jamieone younger sister

What is the weirdest job you’ve ever had?

StuartCollecting the chicken fillets off the end of the conveyor belt and putting them in a box. Tremendous job.

JamieI was a waiter at the Sage for 1 shift only, serving canapés on what appeared to be a roof tile.

If you were on death row, what would you choose for your last meal?

Stuart Probably pizza or something. I'm not sure I'd be that hungry, to be honest..

JamieSalt and pepper chicken.

How do you think your best friend would describe you in 3 words?

StuartLoyal, funny, forgetful

JamieWho is he?

If you had to change everything about yourself except for one thing, what about yourself would you like to keep the same?

Stuartinability to grow a proper beard, which would continue to save me time getting ready for work.


If you could pick any place to live, where would it be and why?

Stuart Somewhere by the sea in a nice Mediterranean village

JamieNew York, love the place.

While growing up, what was your dream job and why?

Stuart I wanted to be a pilot to see the world and fly aeroplanes but then I wasn't smart enough and was colour blind. Apparently either of these knacked that dream but I had

JamieFireman, I think I just liked always wearing wellies.

De Nero or Pacino?

StuartI'd say De Nero, because of Bananarama

JamieDe Nero

And finally, what is your personal mantra?

StuartDo your best and be kind to people

JamieNot a mantra, but a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt. "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."