Senior Harriers Weekly Update w/c 29th August

Last Sunday at South Park, we undertook our first club race held at South Park and we had an excellent turnout despite some horrendous weather throughout the night and early morning with 107 finishers. Finishing 8th was Colin Taylor 59:40 followed in 13th by Paul

Lowe 01:01:49 and Paul Cook in 14th in 1:02:25.Paul Allan was next home in 18th in 1:03:21, 21st Barry Talman 1:05:03 wife Louise Talman 23rd in 1:05:18 with Garry Collinson 1:05:51 for 24th, Graham Hindmarsh 1:06:08, 25th, Andrew Park 1:06:42 in 27th,

Neville Ford 1:07:21 28th, Graham O'Hara 1:07:21 for 29th, Howard Parr 1:08:02 in 30th, Tom Leighton 1:08:46 in 31st, Dominic Colley 1:08:49 in 32nd, Jeff Miller 33rd in 1:08:58 and Linda Noble 34th in 1:09:40 all in close proximity.

Karl Hume finished 38th in 1:11:23 ahead of Paul Keedy in 40th in 1:13:10, Justin Hindmarch 1:15:04 in 43rd, Barry Foster 1:15:18 in 44th, Pauline Brown 1:16:23 for 46th and Clare Park 48th in 1:16:29.Jamie Baldasera finished 52nd 1:18:09 with Andrew Glencross one place behind in 1:18:10 with Charlotte Knowles equalling his time in 1:18:10. Ian Threadkell was next home in 56th in 1:19:00 four places ahead of Peter O'Neill in 60th in 1:19:49, with Michael Watson 61st in 1:20:14 and Michael Dolan 62nd in 1:20:19. Lesley Miller finished 64th in 1:21:01, Carl Watson 66th in 1:22:38 one place ahead of Simon Daniels in 1:22:52.Diane Jones finished 72nd in 1:24:55 one place ahead

of Jane Teague 1:25:04 with Tai Charlton finishing 79th in 1:26:39.

Peter Foulds finished 81st in 1:27:28, Steve McAllister 86th in 1:30:45 one place ahead of Zoe Rogers in 1:30:51, Tina Corah finished 95th 1:35:56 just ahead of John Cook in 96th for 1:36:01, Den Dale 98th in 1:38:17, Stephen Dauber 105th in 1:53:07 and Sally Dale

106th in 1:53:10.Thank you to everyone who came along to support, set up or race the event. At last week’s Auckland Castle trail race Barry Bell was first to finish in 38th place in 41:13 from the 232 field with Iain Girard next back in 71st in 44.40.9. Neil Embleton finished 97th in 47.58, David Aiken 114th in 49.59.9 and Janice Foster 120th in 50.42.6 for first club female.

Steph Kingdon finished 123rd in 51.20.9, Julian Pinkney 160th in 55.19.8, and Anneli Mackenzie-Brown 181st in 58.27.2.Andrea Reese finished 217th in 68.10.2, Emma Ivey 224th in 71.16.8, Julie Bell 225th in 71.17.3, Leigh Hindle 73.41 for 226th and Penny Ivison 73.41.2 for 227th.

At last week’s Tartan Games we had a handful of senior Harriers on show starting with Curtis Metcalf in the 100m, finishing3rd in 11.45 one place ahead of team mate Pawel Grząślewicz in 11.53.Curtis also competed in the 200m finishing 2nd in 23.86 seconds. Mark Tallon finished 6th in his 400m race in 63.02 in a very strong field.  On Monday Martin McGregor ran the Reeth Show fell race, a tough little race finishing 90th in 31:59 from the 100 field. Well done Martin.

On Wednesday night up at Roseberry Topping, 107 runners took on the challenge of running to the top….then all the way back down.Despite the course only being 1.5m I’m not sure what is the worst part…the ascent or the descent!Paul Lowe was again first to finish for the club in 25th place in 15:17, followed by Jamie Baldasera 63rd 18:01 and Neil Embleton 94th22:15. Well done gentleman!

Further north this week at Gateshead for the midweek quayside 5k four personal best hunters were part of the 120 runner field.  Graham Hindmarch was first home in 17:35 for 50th place with Paul Allan two places behind in 17:44 for a new personal best.Barry Talman finished 66th in 18:40 and Louise Talman 18:47 for a new personal best and 6th lady on the day.

On Saturday morning at Darlington South Park 322 runners gathered for the mornings briefing.On a mild morning, good for running Russell Adams made his first appearance for the club finishing in an impressive 2nd place in 16:38 with Colin Taylor 3rd in 17:49.Paul

Cook on pacing duties for Dave McKenna finished 8th in 19:12 with Dave two seconds behind despite dropping his car key on the way round alongside another Harrier junior Catherine Roberts in the same time, one second outside her previous best.Howard Parr finished 13th in 19:27 with David Bracken 15th in 19:33 after taking some man up pills pre run.Andy Dobson was next home in 18th in 19:45, Shaun Marshall keeping his legs fresh for Sunday’s race in 22nd in 20:10 with Dave Tomlinson putting in another great effort to finish 26th one

second off his personal best.  Former Harrier Juris Silovs finished 28th in 20:32 ahead of Mark Haymer 33rd in 20:43 three

seconds ahead of Richard Bowes in 34th for a new personal best of 20:46 with junior Louis Brett 39th in 21 minutes dead.Peter Armstrong finished 49th in 21:49, Graham Garvey 57th in 22:27, Jonathan Boyle one place and two seconds further back but one second and one

place ahead of Peter O’Neill.Balbinder Singh finished 63rd in 22:40, Sean Connolly 70th in 22:57 and triathlete Darren Chapman 72nd in 23 minutes dead for a new personal best. Emma Morley finished 75th in 23:03, Sarah tomlinson 95th in 23:49 with another youngster

James Roberts 23:58.James Bennett-McNulty another junior Harrier finished 100th in 24:02 in only his 2nd appearance, Pauline Brown one place behind in 24:09 with Den Dale 132nd in 25:35 for another new personal best.Making quite a habit of this Den!

Anne Hutchinson finished 134th in 25:39, Zoe Rogers 138th in 25:49 and Julie Beck 146th in 26:37. Dave Hamer finished 149th in 26:43, Steve McAllister, who also threw his keys on the floor hoping for a date, finished 158th in 27:01, Brian Burdon 182nd in 28:13 with Martin

Whitfield running with his son James finishing 205th and 206th in 29:25, a new personal best for James, Stephen Dauber 223rd in 30:50 and Peter Whitfield 279th in 34:01.Over at Hartlepool Neville Ford was 4th to finish on his first visit in 19:29 with Peter Foulds 7th in 21:19 from a field of 81.At Sedgefield in a field of 215 Andrew Glencross finished 44th in 23:16, David Ralph finished 53rd in 23:53 on his first visit to the park, Neil Embleton 63rd in 24:20 with Paul Rossington finished 76th in 25:26 for a new personal best.

A little further north Darren Stockdale was 26th to finish at Durham in 21:27 from a field of 297 with Mark Tallon 79th on his first visit.Mark completed the first 400m in 59.9 seconds and eased off a little.Gerda Arts finished 66th in 26:34 at Albert Park from 197 runners.At

Lytham Hall Park amongst the 201 runners Swiss Family Talman on a trip to Blackpool had a stroll round the 4 lap circuit finishing 81st Sam, 82nd both in 27:38, Freya, Louise 84th in 27:43 and Barry 85th in 27:44.Edna wearing a ‘Kiss Me Quick’ hat finished 83rd and is now part of the family.  Well done all park runners!



This week saw Julian Pinkney complete a triathlon of a different nature, Cycle, heart attack followed by an ambulance ride!In all  seriousness though Julian finished his mornings ride to work had time to shower and change before calling the ambulance to get checked out.  Get well soon Julian, no heroics please….we need you for XC season!!

On Sunday Howard Parr was the lone Harrier who made the trip down the A1 to Wetherby to take on the mornings 10k race finishing in 51st from 694 runners in a time of 40:31.Well done Howard, good running. Also on Sunday morning at Middlesboro for the annual Tees Pride 10k, Harriers were out intheir droves for the club Grand Prix event.With weather conditions cool with light rain it seemed the perfect day for racing albeit some headwind en route wasn’t pleasant.First to finish was new boy Kahsay Kidane who finished in a very impressive 14th position in 33:01 with drew Inglis once again showing his class to finish 19th in 33:34 with another new boy Efram Ghebreziabiher 25th 34:23. Colin Taylor put in another good performance to finish 41st in 3603 with Graham Hindmarsh looking strong in 54th in 36:52

ahead of Shaun Marshall 60th in 37:06 and Paul Cook 84th in 38:19.Barry Talman finished 94th in 38:33 with Louise Talman smashing her personal best to finish 97th in 38:39 and 4th lady on the day. Phil Teece back in action had an easy morning for his standards finishing 108th in 38:48, Peter Armstrong 124th in 39:30 ahead of David Bracken in 137th in 39:58 who broke his previous best and dipped under the 40 minute mark for the first time.Jeff Miller made another positive step on his road to full fitness finishing 151st in 40:18 with Andrew Park two

places behind in 40:28.Sue Phillips finished 2nd in her age category to finish 189th in 41:21 with Barry Foster putting in a personal best performance to finish 194th in 41:28.Ronnie Read finished 210th in 42 mins dead with Linda Noble 212th in 42:05, 3rd in her age category

with young superstar Jade Hutchinson 230th in 42:32 for a new personal best.  Mark Haymer finished in 42:03,Jamie Baldasera finished 232nd in 42:50, adopted member Ria Chaston finished 235th in 42:57 for a new personal best, Paul Keedy 256th in 43:02 with Barry Bell having a great run finishing 258th but faster on chip time finishing 42:51.Martin Phillips was another to run well on the day finishing 264th in 43:27 with Michael Sangster 44 mins dead three seconds ahead of Pauline Brown in 314th and 4th in her age category in 44:03, also for a new personal best.Clare Park put in another solid performance as she finished 347th in 45:12 with young flying machine Katie Noble 383rd in 46:07 for a new personal best ahead of Jonathan Boyle who finished with a personal best of 46:37 in 432nd place with Balbinder Singh 439th also in a new personal best of 46:40.Lesley Miller finished 445th also in 46:37 ahead of Nigel Carrigan 456th in 46:54 and Michael Watson in 472nd in 46:58 for a new personal best making it two PB’s in 2 weeks Can he make it three in three at GNR?.

John Hall finished 479th in 47:42 ahead of Andrew Glencross 490th in 46 minutes dead and Simon Daniels 498th in 47:31.The ever present Stephen McAllister finished 499th in 47:22,Ian Brown 585th in 49:33 with Robert Austin putting in another fine run finishing 801st in

48:43.David Ralph finished the morning with a new personal best of 50:42 for 829th place with Marion Hart only three places further back finishing in 52:09 equal time to Anne Hutchinson in 872nd position.Carl Watson finished 874th in 50:01 , Ian Threadkell 891st in

51:47 for a new personal best with Neil Embleton 957th in 50:46.Zoe Rogers broke her previous best finishing 959th in 53:44, ahead of Gemma Raper 1018th in 54:13, Paul Rossington 1024th in 53:29 for a new personal best and Mike Brown 1041stin 53:40 also for

a new personal best. Tina Corah finished 1097th in 55:21 for a new personal best, Natalia Watson 1296th in 59:17, Martin McGregor 1335th in 58:17, Brian Burdon 1536th in 58:41 who also achieved his target of getting round without collapsing with Andrea Reese 1665th in 59:02 for a new personal best, Lucinda Close 1703rd in 1:04:10 for a new personal best and Sarah Neve 1740th in 69:58. Julia Leach was next home in 1989th in 1:06:08 beating her previous best by 4 minutes, Emma Ivey 2034th in 1:06:41 for a new personal best with Julie Bell 2037th in 1:06:41.Sarah Forster finished 2150th in 1:10:33 for a new personal best, Penny Ivison 2221st in 1:12:02 for a new personal best with new signing Melanie Embleton 2228th in 1:12:19 on her first 10k.Leigh Hindle finished 2230th in 1:12:01 for a new personal best,

Joanne Austin 2250th in 1:13:55 for a new personal best with the inspirational Rachel Girard 2402nd in 1:30:46 taking 20 seconds of her previous best. Wes Atkins and Neville Ford headed up to Coxhoe on Sunday morning to take on the Coxhoe 10k trail race.Results have yet to be released however here’s a photo of the boys in some cracking T-shirts.

Also on Sunday morning Alison Matthews and Natalie Curgenven took on the Helvellyn triathlon, one of the toughest triathlons in the UK.Both of our ladies did exceptionally well with Alison finishing in 4:39 and 5th female, Natalie finishing 4:49 and 7th female.

Well done both of you.