Senior Harriers weekly update w/c 26th December

At Saturday’s parkrun Darlingtonparkrun amongst 323 runners Colin Taylor was first home for the club in 10th place in 18:01 with Catherine Roberts putting in a personal best performance to finish21st in 18:58 one place ahead of Nev Ford in 19:49.Garry Collinson finished 25th just one second behind but one place ahead of Andy Dobson who crossed the line in 20:19.Leon Reeve was next home in 20:31 for 29th with John Dunne 31st in 20:40, Kevin Wilson 32nd in 20:51 and Harry Wilson 33rd in 20:53.Shaun Marshall finished 36th in the same time as Harry three places ahead of Linda Noble in 21:05 and four ahead of David Bracken in 21:19.Dylan Wilson finished 41st in 21:21 for 41st one second ahead of Ellie Phillips in 50th who achieved a new personal best on the day.

Martin Phillips finished 52nd in 21:54 one second and one place ahead of Pauline Brown with husband Ian 73rd in 22:28.Graham Garvey finished 75th in 22:57, Joseph Reeve 77th in 22:59 and Jade Hutchinson 78th in 23:02, shadowed by Peter Armstrong a second behind.Iain Girard finished 87th in 23:21 two places ahead of Jonathan Boyle in 23:27 with Andrew Glencross 92nd in 23:32 ahead of Steve McAllister in 23:36 and Andrew Park in 23:40.Wes Atkins finished in 24 mins ahead of Shirley Gibson in 25:31 and Den Dale in 26:22.Brian Burdon finished in 26:32, Anneli MacKenzie-Brown 26:46 and Martin McGregor 26:54.Dave Hamer finished in 27 minutes ahead of Tai Charlton in 27:21, Aly Williamson 27:49 and Simon Daniels 27:49.Ian Barnes finished in 28:19 ahead of Lucy Applegarth in 29:34 and Paula Roberts in 30:13.Stephen Dauber finished in 31:28, Rachel Maddison 33:15 and Chrissie Moore supporting others in 38:23.

At Tees Barrage John Brant was the solo Harrier finishing 94th in 27:40 whilst at Albert Park John Hall was first Harrier home from the field of 262 runners in 47th place in 22:26 with Alex Bos 121st in 26:35.Over at Sedgefield where 361 runners gathered, Paul Rossington finished the year on a high as he finished 65th in 24:15 for a new personal best with Richard Easterbrook 164th in 27:46 and Julian Waller 274th in 32:32 running with his son Theo who was a place and one second ahead.

On New Years day a number of runners doubled up in the morning, others chose to run two park runs.At Sedgefield at 9amamongst 218 keen runnersPeter Armstrong was first home finished 8th in 19:58, a new course best for him ahead of Dom Colley in 21st in 21;27, Andrew Glencross 30th in 22:44 with Paul Keedy and Iain Girard making their debuts finishing 38th in 23:10 and 84th in 26:21.Shirley Gibson finished 97th in 27:08with Dave Hamer 111th in 27:53.Back at Darlington at 10:30 346 runners , some nursing hangovers and others lack of sleep! Barry Talman finished 10th in 18:53, Jeff Miller 13th in 19:22 ahead of Louise Talman 16th in 19:32.Nev Ford finished 19th in 19:45, Peter Armstrong 21st in 19:47 making it two sub 20’s for the morning with Linda Noble 20:13 for 23rd.

Andy Park and Paul Cook finished 26th and 27th together in 20:40 with john Dunne 33rd in 21:13.Megan Noble finished 38th in 21:23, Graham Garvey 21:30 for 40th, Barry Bell 42nd in 21:38 and Pauline Brown 45th in 21:46.Val Clarke finished 47th in 21:54, Andrew Glencross 50th in 22:09 and Dom Colley 54th in 22:19 alongside Ian Brown in the same time.Jade Hutchinson finished 64th in 22:42, Sharon Carbert 68th in 22:52 with Clare Park 81st in 23:19 ahead of Harry and Kevin Wilson both finishing in 23:23.Robert Austin finished 95th in 23:51 one place and two seconds ahead of Simon Daniels with Wes Atkins completing the top 100 in 24:10.Jonathan Boyle finished 104th in 24:25, Lesley Miller a place and three seconds behind with Emma Morley24:35 two seconds ahead of Paul Keedy in 111th.

Dave McKenna finished 115th in 24:52, Richard Bowes 134th in 25:51, Iain Girard 141st in 26:07, Zoe Rogers two places further back in 26:20 and Shirley Gibson 146th in 26:26.John Brant finished 148th in 26:31, Bex Adams 160th in 27:02, Brian Burdon 181st in 27:44 and Dave Hamer 188th in 27:50.Julian Pinkney finished 192nd in 27:56, Martin McGregor 202ndin 28:28 and Ian Barnes 209th in 29 minutes dead.Maria Danielsfinished 239th in 30:32, Natalia Watson 248th in 30:53, Sally Dale 253rd in 31:15 and even managed to throw up across the line due to the effort she put in…..start as we mean to go along Sally, shows you were working hard.Michael Watson finished a place behind Sally in a supporting role with Paula Roberts 264th in 31:58 and the ever improving Rachel Maddison 267th in 32:06.Elsewhere Amanda MacDonald ran the Wepre Parkalthough results have yet to be released.Well done all of you and Happy New Year!

Natalie Curgenven headed over toHumberside to take part in the Hull’s Boxing Day’s 10k.  Natalie had a great run finishing 2nd lady in 41:18 in windy conditions.Well done Nat, great effort!

There was controversy at Guisborough woods 8.8km race this week as a number of front runners were sent the wrong direction due to ‘taping issues’.Paul Lowe was directly impacted dropping from a strong position in the top 10 to 23rdin 44:45 with darren Stockdale the next Harrierto finish 73rd in 50:29.Jonathan Gray finished 85th in 51:46, Graham Garvey 104th in 55:27 and Mark Milner 117th in 57:27.Neil Embleton finished 156th in 63:57 with the ever present David Aiken 166th in 65:43.195 runners finished the course.In the junior race young Dylan gray finished 14th and 4th in his age category in his race. Well doneall of you! 

We also saw someof the Harriers join in with the Post Christmas run in Coxhoe, a purely sociable run but with a view to fundraising for two baby charities.Well done everyone who took part in this.

At Tuesday’s Jolly Holly Jog Simon Rogers was first club runner home finishing in 14th place in 39:12 ahead of Peter Armstrong35th in 41:25 edging out the V50 runner Jeff Miller by one place in 41:29.David Tomlinson finished 54th in 43:08 ahead of Jade Hutchinson in 80th in 44:36 earning her a prize in the process.

Richard Bowes finished 147th in 47:19, Paul Keedy 157th in 48:14 with Val Clarke 168th in 48:53.Andrew Glencross finished 221st in 51:25,Charlotte Knowles 238th in 52:15, Emma Morley 242nd in 52:16 and Lesley Miller 249th in 52:40 with Iain Girard 288th in 53:53.Sarah Tomlinson finished 289th in 53:57, David Ralph 295th in 53:42, Paul Rossington 303rd in 54:04, Malcolm Dunn 305th in 53:31.Ian Threadkell finished 425th in 58:21, Laura Clarke 445th in 59:33, Brian Burdon 498th with Paula Roberts588th in 1:05:00.

Danielle Clark finished 647th in 1:08:15. Andrea Reese 652nd in 1:07:56 with Leigh Hindle and Penny Ivison 739th and 740th in 1:19:32.

On Friday the Harriers gathered for the first of many handicap 5k races took place.With Over 60 Harriers competing, all of who submitted their predictions for the event.Paul Kellywas the overall winner shown here collecting a trophy donated by Robin Rutherford whilst Alex Bos finished 2nd and Wes Atkins 3rd in the male race with Freya Talman winning the female run ahead of Beth Caygill and Linda Noble.

Big thank you to Ian Barnes and Marshall’s who supported on the day.