Senior Harriers Weekly Update w/c 25th April

At last week’s York Summer League Fixture Mark Tallon finished 3rd in 27.4 seconds in the 200m and 13.4 in the 100m to finish 6th.  At the same event Jasmine Sharp won the javelin in 25.92 metres.  More practice needed Ian Morris!Also last week at the Gateshead meet Curtis Metcalf finished 2nd in the 100m in 11.59 seconds with Luke Stockdale also finishing 2nd in his 200m race in 23.52.Curtis was back in action on the night to compete in the 200m which he finished 4th in 23.70 with junior high jumpers Charlotte Rutter 1st U13 girl at 1.35m, Joseph Downing leaping 1.55m to finish first U17 with Rory Holden a very impressive 1.95m.Well done to all representing the club.

On Wednesday night a number of harriers headed to Redcar to compete in the flat and fast but weather impacted race.When the weather is great…it’s great and when it’s bad…it’s really bad on the sea front.With the morning changing between Sun and Snow as regular as a dash to the toilet with Deli Belly it was difficult to predict which way this would go.Luckily for all runners concerned the weather described as ‘perfect conditions, without a hint of a breeze’ led to a number of Harriers reaping the rewards of months of hard training.Sharon Barlow back to full fitness finished 21st of the 189 runners in a superb 17:34 and was followed home by Andy Park who put in a blistering finish to break his PB in 18:26 to finish 34th.

Peter Armstrong also had a great run, finally breaking the 19 minute mark to get rid of the monkey of his back once and for all, finishing 45th in 18:49 with Garry Collinson also breaking the barrier for a new PB in 47th in 18:53 ahead of jet lagged Nathan Smith who finished 50th in 19:05..Last year’s most improved athlete Paul Keedy showed his class again by finishing 55th and smashed his PB to pieces to break 20 minutes and finish in 19:48.Ever present Sue Phillips finished in 20:07 in 62nd with Peter Foulds 65th in 20:28, Jade Hutchinson 66th in 20:33 and Jamie Baldasera who also PB’d on the night to finish 68th and smash his old PB finishing in 20:43.Andrew Glencross, another who showed massive improvement in 2015 broke the 21 minute barrier to finish in 20:58 for 77th with John Hall putting in an impressive run to finish 81st in 21:19.

Martin Phillips showed signs of his old self to finish 83rd in 21:30 with Pauline Brown impressing to finish 88th in 21:42.Sean Connolly back from injury finished 112th in 23:12 with Sarah Tomlinson 126th in 24:29.Ian Barnes finished in 129th in 24:45 with Shirley Gibson a place behind in 24:56 and Anne Hutchinson 136th in 25:24.Tina Corah had a great run to finish 150th in 26:13 with Linda Tinkler 159th in 27:14 ahead of Sarah Johnson in 164th in 28:05.Lisa Smedley finished 174th in 29:23 for a new personal best, followed by Julie Bell in 180th in 30:29, a new PB I believe and Rachel Girard 189th in 42:58, also a new personal best!Fantastic results from every Harrier running.                                         

Also on Wednesday evening at Sedgefield Neptune relays we saw one male team and two female teams fly the flag for the club.The senior Mens team were first to finish finishing 48th in a combined time of 45:20 closely followed by the senior ladies team who finished 57th in 46:05 and 52:14 for 86th. 113 teams competed on the evening, well done everyone all runners for wearing the club vest and flying the flag.

On Saturday morning at the Darlington parkrun 318 runners took to the start line for the mornings run.With a number of runners with one eye on Sunday’s race Colin Taylor was again first home in 4th in 17:43 followed by Paul Helliwell in 7th in 18:14 and Howard Parr 16th in 19:08. Paul Cook finished 20th in 19:38 with Andy Dobson 21st in 19:47.Andrew Park finished 25th in 19:59 with Jeff Miller 27th in 20:08 and Mark Haymer 28th in 20:24.Barry Talman, having a sociable morning finished 31st in 20:31 with Juris Silovs 32nd in 20:33.Boston man Graham O’Hara finished 37th in 20:49 with Belfast bound Shaun Marshall 42nd in 21:11.

Michael Sangster finished 44th in 21:18 with Pauline Brown finishing the day with a new personal best of 21:28 and an age grading of 80.05%.John ‘the gerbil’ Brischuk finished in 56th in 21:44 with Steven Elliott 57th in 21:47 and David McKenna 61st in 21:56.Harriet Rogers finished 66th in 22:04 with Karl Hume one place behind for a new personal best of 22:08.John Dunne finished 71st in 22:19 one second and one place ahead of Ian Brown.Val Clarke finished 76th in 22:34 with an 81.31% age grading, Lesley Miller 78th in 22:46, Steve McAllister 88th in 23:21 ahead of Jade Hutchinson 89th in 23:22, Graham Garvmeister 90th in 23:23 and Bally Singh 94th in 23:32.

Shirley Gibson finished 103rd in 24:13 with an age grading of 90.43% (I want Shirley in my top trumps collection) on her 251st parkrun and Simon Daniels 107th in 24:22.Iain Girard was next to finish in 110th in 24:36, Sarah Tomlinson 116th in 24:53 and Tai Charlton 125th in 25:15.Anne Hutchinson finished 142nd in 25:54 closely followed by John Brant a place and two seconds back.Tina Corah was next to finish in 158th in 26:52 one place ahead of Julie New in 159th in 27:01.Brian Burdon finished 196th in 29:04, Sarah Neve 218th in 30:20 for a new personal best and Barry Bell in 221st in 30:20 supporting a friend round for a new PB.

Over at Albert Park amongst a field of 304 runners Martin Phillips was first to finish in 36th place in 21:17 followed by Gabi and John Hall in 51st and 52nd positions both in 22:13.Libby Hammond took a trip to Tees Barrage for her first visit finishing 172nd out of a 204 field the J10 finishing in 34:13. Jonathan Boyle and Robert Austin popped over to Sedgefield for their first visit, Jonathan first to finish in 43rd in 23:30 and Robert 24:31 in 58th.Over at Northallerton Neil Embleton and Julian Pinkney were amongst the 80 field, Julian first to finish in 36th in 27:49 and Neil 40th in 28:22.To finish the weekly parkrun round up Andrew Glencross finished 24th in Penrith parkrun amongst a field of 172 runners in 22:10.Well done all runners


On Saturday morning Ultra runner Heather Mochrie headed to the highlands to compete in the 53 mile Highland fling race.Heather finished the event in 9 hours 25 and 41 seconds.Outstanding running Heather/Not to be outdone Matt Capsey and Mark Milner took on the 110 mile Hardmoors event.Mark finished in 30 hours and 26 mins with Matt making it all the way to Lordstones before having to withdraw.


Meanwhile Jamie Rutherford took on the three peaks finishing 166th in 3:58.12.All four of you are absolutely a) Nuts b) Crazy and c) legends.Everyone at the club have a massive respect for you for even attempting such a feat.

Seriously well done.


On Sunday morning Carl and Kaye Watson announced that their second little girl had been born, 8lbs.Brilliant news, another future Harrier in years to come…better get her on the waiting list!

On a wet Sunday morning at Sunderland a number of Harriers lined up for the mornings 10k and half marathon events.Starting with the 10k, a surprisingly undulating course, Drew Inglis once again showed his class by finishing 5th in a very impressive 33:55 followed by Sharon Barlow making it a good week’s work finishing 2nd lady and 23rd overall in 37:16.Paul Cook was back in action finishing 38th in 38:36 with Peter Armstrong 60th in 40 minutes dead.David Bracken smashed his PB by finishing 102nd in 42:03 with Nigel Carrigan running his first race as a Harrier 246th in 47:15 and Jonathan Boyle also having a great run to finish 305th for a new personal best of 48:25.Robert Austin had a great run to finish 307th in 48:48 for a new personal best.Paul Cook jnr following the Steve McAllister pre race ritual (no food, lots of alcohol and a lack of sleep) finished 405th in 50:28.Some way to celebrate his birthday.

Tina Corah finished 718th in a new personal best of 55:56, smashing her goals with Laura ‘Flaps’ McQuillan 849th in 58:04 in her first race for the club.Andrea Reese finished 1100th in her first race for the club finishing in a great time of 1:01:09, Lisa Smedley 1283rd for a new personal best by 4 minutes, Emma Ivey finished in a brilliant 1534th in 1:10:34 in her first 10k race, Sarah Forster 1:14:55 in her first race and Rachel Girard 1781st in a brilliant 1:31:07 in hers.Shortly after the Half marathon got underway on a similar undulating course, Garry Collinson impressing again as he battled through the poor conditions to break his previous best to finish 61st in 1:28:21 with Jeff Miller returning to action to finish 79th in 1:29:48.Mark Haymer also had a brilliant run finishing 95th to smash his previous best by 7 and ½ minutes finishing in 1:31:08.


Peter Foulds looking to break his previous best of around 1:44 did just that by finishing 165th in 1:36:25 with Graham Garvey taking 37 seconds of his previous best to finish 199th in 1:38:11.Andrew Glencross had a great run to finish 267th in 1:40:28.PB Andrew?Alyson Williamson, running her first half marathon and Simon Daniels both finished in a superb time of 485th and 486th both surpassing their expectations on the day.Neil Embleton was next home finishing in 507th in 1:50:20 with Lesley 572nd in 1:53:07 despite having to walk the last 3 miles with a painful foot.

Gemma Raper was next to finish in 1:58:07 for 703rd and a new personal best, Iain Girard 742nd in 2:00:19 for a new personal with Julian Pinkney 840th in 2:04:24 on his first half marathon.Anneli Mackenzie-Brown finished 875th in 2:05:24 with London marathoner martin McGregor 913th in 2:08:16. Over in Keswick Ian Morris and David Aiken took on the Keswick Half marathon but official results have yet to be confirmed.We do know that David finished in 2:05 with Ian supporting his brother in law round to help him gain a new PB in 1:52.Outstanding work by everyone (and apologies if I’ve missed some PB’s, given you PB’s when it’s your first race or missed that it’s your first).