Senior Harriers Weekly Update w/c 24th October

It’s Halloween week and before we get into the last 8 days racing results and cover which athletes went ‘ghoulies deep’, I want to cover off something which I’ve seen which is just sad and puts things into perspective for all of us. I’m hoping as a senior group we can get

together and support Kieran’s chosen charity and do something to ensure this things doesn’t happen to any other children and their families.I can’t say I know Kieran too well apart from the odd hello around the track however he is an inspiration to many around him.

All thoughts and suggestions are welcome, please feed these into

Last Sunday at the Osmotherley 20km race, in a field of 72 Mike King was first home for the club in a superb 9th place in 1:40:00 for his first run for the club with Dave McKenna 11th in 1:41:20. Heather Mochrie was first lady home in 17th in 1:47:45 with Sharon Barlow a

second and a place behind with Steve Elliott 22nd in 1:52:40 one place ahead of Corinne Murray in 1:53:22 making it a 1, 2, 3 for the women.

At last Sunday’s Locke park 10 Shirley Gibson finished 47th in 1:24:27 from the 75 runners followed by Den Dale 58th in 1:30:31, Tina Corah 61st in 1:31:42 with Sally Dale and Amanda MacDonald 73rd and 74th in 1:48:58.Shirley Gibson finished 1st in age grading on the day with a superb 87.31 over 6% better than her closest rival. At last Sunday’s Cross Country race there was a number of Harriers on show at Whitby for the opening race of this season’s XC competition.Unfortunately I was not one of them however I did have a lovely view of Caedmon College car park…just the wrong part! I don’t have the results for the day however I have found two photos from the day which have no correlation to one another.

Also at last Sunday’s Northumberland Castles Half, Danielle Clark was the lone Harrier. Danielle had a great run on a tough course finishing 249th in 2:09:48 from a field of 322. Well done Danielle! Further afield…as far as Lake Nona 5k, Jared Holdcroft ran the morning race finishing in 31:10. A tad hot I would imagine! Well done Jared We start this week’s weekly parkrun roundup with Jade Hutchinson and mum Anne amongst the 434 runners at Woodhouse parkrun this week with Jade finishing 92nd in 22:44 and Anne 270th in 28:24.Nev Ford was also doing a spot of parkrun tourism as he finished 10th in 21:10 from the 99 field. At South park Darlington, 297 hungry beavers gathered for the mornings run.Colin Taylor who has been in exceptional form finished 2nd in a new personal best of 17:13, followed by

Martin Grainger also for a parkrun best of 17:58 as he finished 6th.Barry Talman finished 10th in 18:28, Dean Higham 15th in 19:10 just outside his best with Howard Parr 18th in 19:26.David Bracken finished 21st in 19:33, Andrew Dobson 22nd in 19:33, Dom Colley 26th

in 19:45 and Mark Haymer 29th in 19:53. Stuart Armstrong was next to finish in 32nd in 19:58 with Dylan Wilson finishing 35th in 20:01 for a new personal best ahead of Linda Noble 39th in 20:12 also for a new personal best, first time in 3 years over this distance.

Kevin Wilson finished 40th in 20:12, Karl Hume finished 42nd in 20:17 for a new personal best, John Dunne 44th in 20:24 with Andy Park 45th in 20:28.Harry Wilson finished 54th in 21:27, Barry Foster 56th in 21:35, Pauline Brown 62nd in 21:57, Jonathan Boyle 64th in 22:03

also a personal best for him.Sam Talman finished 67th in 22:08 with David Ralph a place behind but in the same time along with James Bennett-McNulty earning them both a personal best.Clare Park finished 70th in 22:09 ahead of Robert Austin 74th in 22:39, Ian

Brown 75th in 22:46 and Emma Morley finished a place behind in 22:48. Andy Gibson was another to have a good run finishing 82nd in 23:11 for a new personal best, Louis Brett 86th in 23:37 and Jane Teague 91st in 23:47.Stephen Gardner finished 97th in

24:06, Paul Rossington 101st in 24:16, James Gardner 114th in 24:45 and Shirley Gibson 120th in 24:55 and Anneli MacKenzie-Brown 124th in 24:59.Tai Charlton finished 126th in 25 minutes dead, Lesley Miller 127th in 25:03 with Graham Garvey 130th in 25:13 supporting

Zoe Rogers for a new personal best finishing one place and one second further behind. John Brant was next home in 136th in 25:38 with Brian Burdon putting in another great run finishing 154th in 26:51 and Dave Hamer 158th in 26:58.Clare Bowyer finished 163rd in 27:13

for another new personal best two places ahead of julie Beck in 27:19 with Lucy Applegarth 179th in 28:05.Tina Corah finished 182nd in 28:12, Shelly Allan 223rd in 30:40 with Peter Whitfield 239th in 31:53.Lisa Smedley was next to finish in 241st place in 32:07 ahead of

Chrissie Moore 270th in 36:02 and Laura Girard 272nd in 36:15. Over at Hackworth Justin Hindmarch finished 3rd from a small field of 26 runners in 20:55 with Mark Robinson 6th in 22:37.At Albert Park, Eftem Brhane finished 1st in 16:44 ahead of Alex Bos in 149th in 26:25 whilst Graham O’Hara finished 8th in 20:08 at Tees Barrage, a course best for him from the 219 runners.And finally, at Huddersfield in 699 runners Emily Halstead finished 141st in 24:40 with Neil Addyman 160th in 25:18.Well done all park


Baz bell took on the Morpeth to Newcastle marathon finishing in an impressive 3 hours 58 minutes for his first attempt at a marathon.Well done Baz! A handful of Harriers headed to Newcastle’s town moor to take part in one of the multi lap events the half marathon Graham Garvey finished 34th in 1:40:20 ahead of Andrew Glencross who was 46th in 1:45:16, Tina Corah 79th in 2:06:37 and Lisa Smedley 95th in 2:38:04.Harry Singh took on the full distance finishing 63rd in 4:45:34.Well done all of


Sunday also saw a number of Harriers flock to the seaside to take on the McCain Yorkshire coast 10k race.results have yet to be released for this so this will be covered next week. Well done all who ran.  Alison Matthews took on the Allithwaite 8 mile race finishing 2nd lady.The lengths you will go to for a piece of chocolate! Well done Ali.  Dave Hamer took part in The run to remember 5k which supports four charities, ABF The Soldiers’ Charity, the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund, the Royal Navy & Royal Marines Charity and Scotty’s Little Soldiers. Well done Dave!