Senior Harriers Weekly Update w/c 22nd August

We start the week back at Billingham where a number of Harriers took on the Ray Harrison 10k race. Colin Taylor was again first home for the club finishing 10th in 36:35 with Shaun Marshall 20th in 37:51.Barry Talman finished 34th in 39:33 with Alison Matthews first lady

home in 37th in 39:57 cementing her place at the top of the ladies competitions this year. Peter Armstrong finished 44th in 40:33 before a 15mile run home…madman, with Andrew Park one place and three seconds behind in 40:36. Jeff Miller finished 60th in 42:19, another step towards full recovery. Ronnie Read finished 70th in 43:56, Paul Keedy 73rd in 44:12 and Linda Noble 74th in 44:20.Jade Hutchinson

finished 79th in 44:42, Pauline Brown 85th in 45:16 and Michael Sangster 87th in 45:25. Andrew Glencross finished 102nd in 46:29.Clare Park finished 109th in 47:15 and was followed by Iain Girard in 48:11, Lesley Miller 125th in 49:28 and Katie Noble 126th in 49:49.

Alex Bos finished 142nd in 51:45, Alyson Williamson finished 133rd in 50:27, Den Dale 159th in 54:17 for a double weekend of personal bests, one place ahead of Anne Hutchinson in 54:22, Gerda Arts 162nd 54:47, Tina Corah 180th in 56:35 with Andrea Reese 214th in 61:44.

Steven Tinkler finished 218th in 61:57 ahead of Stephen Dauber 230rd with Natalia Watson 237rd in 64:13.Amanda MacDonald finished with a new personal best in 242nd in 66:15 with Sally Dale and Emma Ivey running together finishing 246th and 247th in 68:25 from the

254 field.Lots of points towards the club Grand Prix.

Over at Scorton last week Nathan Hemingbrough was first to finish in the men’s race where 55 athletes competed, finishing in an impressive 7th in 39:47.2 ahead of Dave McKenna in 11th in 41:52.2 and Jonathan Boyle 29th in 48:43.5.In the ladies race Charlotte Knowles finished 9th in 47:46.6 ahead of Zoe Rogers in 38th in 58:47.9 and Sarah Neve 73rd in 1:02:17.9 in 50th place from a field of 57.Also last week, Graham Hindmarsh unbeknown to most headed to the Wynard 10k trail as part of a 71 field.Graham once again showed his class by finishing 4th in 44:14 with three very good runners ahead.Not even a medal to show for your efforts Graham.

We also saw Lizzie Blundell, Allen Hazlett and Lorraine Wallis at the Branches and Bays 10k trail race in the beautiful and historic County Durham.Running pretty much together on the way round, Lorraine Wallis finishing 114th in 1:18:27, Allen Hazlett 115th in 1:18:36 and Lizzie Blundell 116th in 1:18:39 among 144 runners.

On Thursday evening at the NYMAC Relays we saw a number of ladies compete on the evening with two male teams gaining entryin the last 48 hours.A full list of results are below but we had 4 teams finish in the top three in their respective category.The team of

Pauline, Linda, Clare and Lesley finish 1st in their category with the junior girls of Megan, Emma, Harriet and India 2nd in theirs.We also saw two 3rd placed category positions for Louise, Natalie, Charlotte and Jade as well as Alyson, Anne, Sarah and Becci.Well done all

teams, excellent work, looked like fun! 100 teams ran.

PosNameLeg TimeNameLeg TimeNameLeg TimeNameLeg TimeTOTAL
22Andrew Park05:33Jeff Miller05:50Neville Ford05:56Barry Foster05:5623:15
25Megan Noble05:58Emma Hart05:44Harriet Rogers06:21India Pentland05:5123:54
26Louise Talman05:46Natalie Curgenven06:06Charlotte Knowles06:04Jade Hutchinson06:0724:03
45Pauline Brown06:42Linda Noble06:17Clare Park06:44Lesley Miller07:0326:46
55Wesley Atkins06:24Iain Girard06:42Andy Williamson06:48Julian Pinkney07:5127:45
64Alyson Williamson06:57Anne Hutchinson07:42Sarah Tomlinson07:17Becci Carter06:5328:49
72Anneli Mackenzie Brown08:06Marion Hart07:20Stephanie Kingdon07:43Janice Foster07:1130:20
77Lucinda Close08:38Stella Jones05:54Andrea Reese08:30Gerda Arts07:3430:36
92Joanne Austin10:26Julie Beck07:54Tina Corah07:59Laura McQuillan08:0234:21

On Thursday at the Watergate 5k trail race, Gateshead Paul Lowe (pictured) was first to finish in 18th place in 17:59, Barry Talman was next home in 34th place in 19:23, Paul Keedy 78t h in 21:09 with Karl Hume 87th in 21:33.Well done gentleman.

You would think with the clubs 10 mile race on the following day club runners would be taking it easy….you would think.No chance of that happening.At Darlington South park in a large field of 331 Paul Lowe warmed up nicely by finishing 1st Harrier and 4th overall in

17:24 for a new personal best one place ahead of the ‘unfit’ Graham Hindmarsh 5th in 17:38 only five seconds outside his own personal best and Shaun Marshall in 6th in 17:44 again for a new personal best.Colin Taylor finished 9th in 18:07 with Simon Rogers 11th in 18:26 and Paul Cook on pacing duties in 13th in 18:57 for Louise Talman 14th in the same time for a massive personal best taking nearly 60 seconds of her previous. Howard Parr finished 20th in 19:25, John Dunne 30th in 20:19, David Tomlinson 34th in 20:23 again for a huge personal best with former Harrier Juris Silovs 35th in 20:30.Ronnie Read finished 46th in 21:12 ahead of Jonathan Boyle who narrowly missed out on a personal best by three seconds.Peter Foulds finished 59th in 22:31 with Robert Austin 61st in 22:44 and

Martin Whitfield taking a large bite from his previous best to finish 69th (the magic number) in 23:01.  David Ralph was another to put in a great performance finishing 73rd in 22:23 taking ninety seconds of his previous best ahead of Junior James Bennett-McNulty who finished 90th on his first appearance in 24:38.David Aiken finished 94th in 24:55 three places ahead of Simon Daniels in 25:11 and John Brant 110th in 25:44.Den Dale who seems to be PB-ing for fun these days had a leisurely run finishing 123rd in 26:07 with another junior Dylan Wilson 131st in 26:28 four places ahead of Dave Hamer in 26:41.Sarah Neve had another good morning finishing in 183rd for a new personal best of 28:58 with junior runners Johnny and James Hindmarsh 218th and 240th in 31:47 and 32:36.Brian Thompson put in a personal best run

on only his 2nd parkrun finishing 257th in 33:48 with Penny Ivison 276th in 34:58.

Rounding up other park run activity we start at Harrogate where David Bracken made his first visit finishing 17th in 19:54 from a field of 355 whilst Neil Embleton and Zoe Rogers took on Sedgefield as part of 168 runners.Neil finished 55th in 25:48 with Zoe six places further

back in 26:15 for a new personal best. Further afield in Westport, Ireland Peter Armstrong didn’t win the mornings run but was first finisher from the 57 runners finishing in 19:25. Deep in the bush at Dalby forest amongst 188 gatherers Jade Hutchinson was first home in

30th place in 22:14 followed by Sarah Tomlinson 64th in 25:38 and Anne Hutchinson 75th in 26:41.  Over at Hackworth, Shildon in a field of 54 Justin Hindmarch finished 3rd in 20:26 ahead of Paul Allan 8th in 21:57 for a new course best despite taking it easy.Andrew Glencross 12th in 22:45 with Andrew Park and Barry Talman 13th and 14th in 22:46 keeping Andrew company.  A course best for Barry again despite taking it a little easier than usual.We finish off at Northallerton where 71 runners took on the grassy course.At Tees Barrage Richard Bowes was first finisher in the 263 field finishing 19th in 21:523 one second outside his PB with Julian Pinkney 121st in 27:47.Charlotte Knowles, the lone Harrier finished 6th overall and 1st lady in 22:40 for a new course PB.Good way to finish up the round up!

On Sunday morning we had two races on show, first of all the Auckland Castle 5.5 mile race which is in its 2nd year, an off road toughie by all accounts and our very own South Park 10 mile race, a mentally challenging 10, one mile loops.Results are unlikely to be out for either of these races but well done everyone who came along to South Park, helped set the course, marshalled handed numbers, water, medals out or a number of other jobs that hasn’t been overlooked.