Senior Harriers Weekly Update w/c 20th June

On Friday morning the country woke to find that we, the people have voted to leave the EU. The population of Britain peeking through the curtains nervously to see what horrors awaited them and were confronted by blue skies and people…yes actual people going to their jobs or on school runs before having to face another normal day on this planet.Yes we are all alive and well so let’s all take a breath and remember what actually matters. Now we have that out of the way….onto the weekly running exploits!

Last Wednesday evening at Carlton Midsummer Meander Alison Matthews was first to finish for the club in 12th place in 41:58 as well as being 1st lady, Shaun Marshall 19th in 43:07, Natalie Curgenven for 24th in 44:31 and 3rd lady, Darren Stockdale and Steph Kingdon 64th and 65th in 66:40 and 66:52 with David Aiken 70th in 68:12. Ladies team came 2nd on the evening, so very well done.Last Sunday morning at the Milltown 10k in Oldham, Corinne Murray finished 61st in a time of 44:44.

Also at last week’s Newton Aycliffe 10k, 354 runners took on the morning’s race.Drew Inglis was first home for the club finishing 4th in 34:07:03 followed home by Colin Taylor in 17th in 37:56.Paul Lowe finished 25th in a new personal best of 39:15.4 with Neville Ford32nd in 39:44.2 also for a new personal best.Peter Armstrong finished 35th in 40:18.5 with Alison Matthews a place behind in 40:39.8 and Andy Park 40th in 40:56.6.David Bracken 46thin 41:35.9 for a new personal best with Barry Talman 58th in 42:21 and Justin Hindmarch 59th in 42:28.8.Paul Keedy finished 60th in 42.28.8, John Dunne 43.19.1 for 66th place, Louise Talman 68th in 43:22.5 and Stuart Armstrong 71st in 43:32.

Graham Garvey finished 77th in 43:53.4, Paul Allan 88th in 44:52.2, Barry Bell 44.52.2 for 90th with Harriers dominating the rest of the top 100 with Jade Hutchinson 92nd in 44.59.6, Pauline Brown 93rd in 45.01.9 for 93rd, Ronnie Read finished in 45:07.3 for 95th, Karl Hume 96th in 45.10.3 for a new personal best and Andrew Glencross 97th in 45.14.7.Paul Anthony Cook finished just outside the top 100 in 101st place in 45:36.6 for a new personal best, Sharon Carbert 102nd in 45.38.6 with new member Richard Bowes 119th in 46.59.John Brischuk finished 122nd in 47:11 for a new personal best, Ian Brown 126th in 47:24.4, Michael Dolan 142nd in a new personal best time of 48:02.1 and Clare Park 48.24.3 in 146th place.

Robert Austin was next home in 148th in 48:26.8 for a new personal best, Jonathan Boyle 151st in 48:33.6 and Michael Sangster 156th in 48.51.Lesley Miller finished 158th in 48.59.4, Wes Atkins 172nd in 49:52.6 and Carl Watson 198th in 52.12.1.Anne Hutchinson finished in 53.15.1 for 216th with Jared Holdcroft running his first race for the club finishing 264th in 58.19.7, Tina Corah smashing her previous best finishing 275th in 58.54.7 and Den Dale 293rd in 1:01:25.3.Andrea Reese finished 295th in 1:01:29.6 I believe for a new personal best , Emma Ivey smashing her previous best finishing 321st in 1:06:18.1 along with Lisa Smedley 322nd in 1:06:27.1.

Julie Bell finished in 1:08.25.6 in 328th for a new personal best with Lucinda Close running her first race prior to joining the club in 329th in 1:09:08.9.Dawn McCready finished 335th in 1:11:05.8, Sally Dale 336th in 1:11:14.8 and Sarah Forster 346th in 1:14:20.3

Last weekend Georgie Rutherford was part of a relay team who took on the Lakesman Triathlon, a 3.8km swim followed by a 112 mile bike and 26.2mile run finishing the course in 7hrs 59.14 winning by nearly 2 hours!!Here’s a photo of Georgie and her team mates with some jumping bloke who was desperate to get in on the act.

On Wednesday evening a handful of Harriers took on a fell race over in Whorlton, Swainby. Results for these types of races are never the quickest so we will cover this off next week.

Alison Matthews once again showed her versatility on Wednesday evening by taking on the Super Sprint triathlon over at Ellerton Lake and was placed 3rd in a very strong field.Few well-earned drinks of champagne on the cards I reckon! On Saturday Sue Phillips was in

action at the North East Vets championship in Jarrow.Sue was placed 4th in the 1500 meters in 5:29 as well as finishing 1st v50 and then finished 6th in the 3000metres, finishing in 11:41 again placed 1st v50.


At the mornings parkrun in Darlington, 315 runners were on show for the mornings run and with Shaun Marshall in such good form he was first to finish in 4th place in a new personal best of 17:46, followed home by Simon Rogers 6th in 18:17 and Paul Helliwell 7th in 18:22.Howard Parr finished 9th in another consistent time of 18:40 with Colin Taylor 11th in 19:02 and Nathan Hemingbrough 16th in 19:34.Andy Dobson was next home in 20th place in 19:46, Graham O’Hara just outside his personal best in 21st in 19:49 and Mark Haymer 22nd in 19:58.Junior Louis Brett finished 26th in 20:16 followed by Peter Armstrong 29th in 20:23 and Juris Silovs 30th in 20:38.Linda Noble finished 36th in 21:14, Michael Sangster 43rd in 21:32 and Pauline Brown 49th in 21:46.Ronnie Read finished 60th in 22:06 one place ahead of Sean Connolly in 22:11 and Michael Watson who equalled his personal best finishing 64th in 22:16.


Ian Brown finished 68th in 22:42, Robert Austin 71st in 22:56, Jonathan Boyle 73rd in 23:10 and Katie Noble 74th in 23:14.Charlotte Knowles was a place behind in 75th in 23:19, Jane Teague 83rd in 23:45 with Steve McAllister three places behind in 23:53 along with Dave McKenna in 87th in 23:59.Marion Hart had a great run finishing the morning in 96th in 24:45 for a new personal best, Den Dale 147th in 26:54 with Barry Foster playing pacer for Jared Holdcroft who both finished in 27:06 for 151st and 152nd place as well as a huge personal best for Jared.Sally Dale finished 248th in 33:20 with Amanda Garvey making another step back to fitness finishing 310th in 49:29.

Over at Hackworth in a small field of only 33, Dom Colley once again showed his class by finishing 2nd in 20;01 for a new personal best ahead of Paul Allan and Justin Hindmarch in 3rd and 4th….#DFYBC lads!Up in South Shields amongst 171runners, much travelled park runner Andrew Glencross finished 42nd in 23:02 whilst up in Durham Neil Embleton finished 103rd in 25:11. Julian Pinkney 134th in 26:29 for a new course personal best and Emma Ivey 201st in 31:47 amongst the 258 field.Down ‘Sarth’, Croydon to be exact Richard Bowes finished 31st in 23:04 on the 2 lap trail run which has a tough little hill to master twice. 192 took part. Up in Sedgefield Julie New finished 83rd in 28:01 with Stephen Dauber 121st in 31:15 amongst the 201 runners.John Brant was again running at Tees Barrage finishing 76th in 28:22 from 181 runners with Anne Hutchinson making the short trip down the A1 to Wetherby finishing 56th in 25:50 in a field of 102 runners.Well done everyone, I may have to start fitting you all with GPS trackers!

Simon Rutherford took on the Darren Holloway fell race, a 37k beast of a race over the quiet Buttermere fells.The race, in memory of the Pennine fell runner not one for the amateur runner. Results have yet to be released but here’s a pic of Simon in action

On Sunday morning at the ‘Day in the Lakes event’ Natalie Curgenven was back in action this time in her first ever Triathlon.Not only did Natalie hold her own she finished 1st female in her age category, 2nd female overall and 17th overall from both men and women.

Absolutely amazing stuff Natalie, well done!

Barry Bell, Sarah Forster, Andrea Reese and Emma Ivey headed to Durham for the mornings Lambton 10k.Results have yet to be released but all runners did exceptionally well on the Day.

A little further north, up at Hadrian’s Wall, a number of Harriers were on show at the mornings Half Marathon.With some of the club members making a weekend of it and camping up there wasn’t any sore heads from the night before.This is a tough mixed

terrain course which has a little bit of everything it as starts on road but quickly takes you across fields, marsh land, mud, hard stone gates to get through and walls to step over before moving into wooded terrain similar to Hamsterley Forest before returning to road in

the latter stages of the race.Oh and there was a hill or two to tackle. Results have yet to be released so more on this next week.


Also on Sunday morning, Paul Allen, Corinne Murray and Mark Robinson took on the Cronkley fell race, a 16.9km race with a 535m climb into the mix. This is another of the weekend’s races which results have not been released yet but I can confirm that Corinne was first home for the club and 2nd lady on the day.Well done all three of you.


James Baker was also in action in Chamonix, France in a brutal half marathon, Cross du Mont-Blanc, where the French…being French decided to extend the race by 3 miles.Surely not anything to do with EU James!Despite having his ankle strapped up James finished 272nd in 3:20:02.