Senior Harriers Weekly Update w/c 1st August

Last week, on Thursday afternoon, Paul Lowe and Natalie Curgenven competed in the Ambleside Guide Hill race.From a field of 118 runners Paul was first to finish in 19:46 for 47th position and Natalie 62nd in 20:48 whilst on Sunday morning Iain Girard, Neil Embleton

and Stephen Dauber competed in the Butterwick10k in Hamsterley forest.With the most unorganised set of results I think I’ve seen Iain was first home for the club in 51.08.8 22nd, Neil 46th in 57.12.3 and Stephen dauber 13.12 83rd.I’m guessing the results organiser has

used the wrong format in Excel and this should be 1:12 but it’s anyone’s guess really! Anyway, well done all five of you.

New members                                             

David Ralph joins the ranks this week after training with the senior group over the last few weeks. Great to have you join the club David!

On Saturday morning at a warm Darlington parkrun, 233 runners gathered for the mornings run.A drop in times and numbers, par for the course with Darlington 10km race on most people’s radar for the following day.Colin Taylor was once again first home finishing 3rd in

18:33 with Nev Ford 7th in 19:51. Dean Higham and Paul Cook finished their run in 9th and 10th place in 20:12/13 with the ever present Andy Dobson 15th in 20:41 on his 239th run. Graham O’Hara finished 17th in 20:50 as part of his mornings long run with Mark Haymer,

18th in 20:51 and David Bracken 19th in 20:53.Graham Garvey finished 33rd in 22:29 ahead of Wes Atkins 34th in 22:31 and Jeff miller 35th in 22:35 with Robert Austin 40th in 22:44, Andy Park 41st in 22:51, Peter Armstrong 42nd in 22:51 and Jamie Baldasera 43rd in 22:53.

Balbinder Singh finished 45th in 23:02 five seconds ahead of Jonathan Boyle in 47th in 23:07 with Michael Watson finishing in the magic number position, 69th in 24:28.Andy Gibson was in great form finishing 72nd in 24:37 for a new personal best with Jade Hutchinson 81st

in 24:59 six seconds ahead of Tai Charlton in 82nd.Tom Leighton finished 86th in 25:16, Barry Talman 90th in 25:35 and Dave McKenna 93rd in 25:41.Ian Threadkell finished 98th in 26:02 alongside Paul Rossington in 100th position in 26:10 and Anne Hutchinson 104th in

26:23. Julie Beck finished 114th in 26:54, Shirley Gibson 119th in 27:19, Julie New 128th in 27:32 and Dave Hamer 130th in 27:36. Brian Burdon finished 154th in 29:30, Stephen Dauber 161st in 29:59, Lisa Smedley 185th in 33:23, Barry Foster 210th in 35:37 and Amanda

MacDonald 219th in 37:06.

Elsewhere Nathan Hemingbrough was first to finish at Northallerton parkrun amongst 77 runners in 18:31, a course best for him and Neil Embleton 75th in 43:15. Over in Middlesboro at the Albert park John Hall finished in 34th place in 21:57 from 223 runners whilst John

Brant had a solid run finishing 70th in 26:24 at Sedgefield parkrun with Sarah Neve putting in a course best in 123rd place in 30:52 from a field of181. Andrew Glencross ran Glibside Parkrun finishing 24th in 24:11 from 106 runners whilst Richard Bowes finished 23rd in 21:19 from 321 runners.Well done everyone


Heather Mochrie took on the Hanging Stone 24 mile fell race across the scenic but hilly North Yorkshire Moors as well as the Cleveland hills.Heather was first lady home in a magnificent 3 hours 39.Top racing Heather, you may have to start storing your silverware

at St James park…I hear they have an empty cabinet you can use!  Also on Saturday afternoon a number of club members took part in the season’s finale Track and field event at Whitley Bay.Results for this will be posted later in the week but we can share a couple of shots from the day.


Alex Bos and Gerda Arts headed back to the Netherlands for a memorial race for his brother who sadly passed a few weeks ago.The race, where Alex’s running journey started 40 years ago was his first race and his first official race as a Darlington Harrier. Alex was first home over the 8km course in an impressive 36.02 for 27th with Gerda having a superb run to finish in 41.38, 8th in her age category.

Your brother would be very proud of you Alex.

On Sunday morning the Harrier masses swarmed around High Row in their blue and white vests ready for the mornings Darlington 10k race.Despite some wind (likely to be Andrew Park) and on a warm morning racing conditions were pretty good and unlikely to impact

performances.Despite the route being undulating the course is quite quick and time lost running up Carmel Road can be regained with interest in the downhill section.Positions based on crossing the line rather than actual time. Jamie Rutherford was first home for the

club in 33rd in 35:20 and was followed by Colin Taylor in 45th in 36:17 and Shaun Marshall 56th in 36:58.Paul Lowe ran around a 36:20 but wasn’t wearing a chip but pretty damn impressive! Nathan Hemingbrough finished 61st in 37:16, Simon Rogers 64th in 37:24 with Paul Allan 37:28 for a massive new personal best.Graham Hindmarsh finished 70th in 37:44 with Paul Cook and Phil Teece running together in 85th and 86th for 38:14 and 38:15 respectively.

Alison Matthews finished 102nd in 38:55, Garry Collinson 107th in 39:15 with David McKenna 109th in 39:16 just outside his previous best.Barry Talman finished 111th in 39:20, Peter Armstrong 115th in 39:31 and Nev Ford 123rd in 39:47.Louise Talman finished 132nd in

40:02, Graham O’Hara 136th in 40:16 with Dean Higham running his first 10k finished 141st in the same time of 40:16. Tom Leighton finished 144th in a new personal best one place ahead of Andrew Park in 40:38 with Mark Haymer 150th in 40:50.

Barry Foster finished the day with a new best of 41:14 in 162nd place ahead of Steven Wilkinson 164th in 41:15 and Sue Phillips 167th in 41:27.David Bracken finished 190th in 41:57, Linda Noble 204th in 42:20 with Jamie Baldasera another who broke his previous best

finishing 206th in 42:17. Barry Bell finished 211th in 42:22 ahead of Jeff Miller who made another step closer to recovery after a long lay-off.Dave Tomlinson had a hell of a run to finish 230th in 42:57 after a year of achillies hell with Ronnie Read 231st in a quicker time of

42:45 a new Vet record for him.Paul Keedy finished 237th in 43:09 in the same time as Corinne Murray….but he was one place ahead Corinne!

Karl Hume finished 244th in 43:12 for a new best one place ahead of Jade Hutchinson who finished first junior in 43:13 with Michael Sangster 257th in 257th in 43:32 for a new personal best.Mark Milner finished 283rd in 44:24, Graham Bell 289th in 44:31, Graham Garvey 303rd in 44:33, Martin Phillips 306th in 44:55 (Hussar) and Ria Chaston 314th 44:50.Ben Applewhite finished in 45:15 for a new best, Nigel Carrigan finished 323rd in 45:12, Paul Kelly 342nd in 45:34, Pauline Brown 363rd one second faster in 45:33 with Andrew Glencross

374th in 46:04.Clare Park finished 399th in 46:40, John Brischuk in 46:58, Charlotte Knowles 422nd in 47:11 with Katie Noble 431st in 47:28. Jonathan Boyle finished 446th in 47:24 for a new personal best with Wes Atkins 447th in 47:29 also for a new best whilst Steven Elliott finished 450th in 47:33 and 1st place in the best legs competition.Emma Morley finished 453rd in 47:30, Peter O’Neill 454th in 47:33,

Robert Austin 47:51 in 455th for a new personal best and Ian Brown 456th in 47:45.

Lesley Miller finished 463rd in 47:24, Balbinder Singh 464th in 47:25, Michael Watson 465th in 47:52 and Andy Williamson 475th in 47:34 for a new personal best supported by Simon Daniels in 481st also in 47:34.Michael Dolan finished 489th in 47:45, Peter Dods finished 518th in

48:26, Antoni Hall 539th in a superb new best of 48:04.  Martin Whitfield finished 551st in 48:52 for a new personal best, Rebecca Carter 560th in 49:07, Jane Teague 575th in 49:22, Iain Girard 578th in 49:29 with Sarah Tomlinson 583rd in 49:58. Sean Connolly finished 627th in 50:55, Aly Williamson 629th in 50:35, Tai Charlton achieving the same time in 630th with Andy Gibson 638th in 50:45 also for a personal best following his parkrun best on Saturday.David Aiken finished 650th in 50:26, Ian Threadkell 653rd in 51:06 for a new best, Neil Embleton 688th in 51:22, Vicky Faram finished 713th in 52:32 with Carl Watson 732nd in 52:21 and Marion Hart 746th in 52:56.

Anne Hutchinson finished 784th in 53:30, Paul Rossington 865th 54:52 David Ralph 866 54:52, John Cook 871st in 54:17 for a new course best, Helen Martin 882nd in 53:06, Gemma Raper 885th in 54:44 and Julie Beck 936th in 55:45. Den Dale finished 973rd in 55:43 for a new personal best, Dave Hamer 1009th in 58:04, Anneli MacKenzie-Brown 1017th in 58:17 with Tracey Owen 1066th in 58:01 with Tina Corah 1082nd in 57:42.Shirley Gibson finished 1098th in 59:31, Allen Hazlett 1113th in 58:46, Lorraine Wallis one place behind in 58:46, with Lizzie Blundell 1122nd in 58:54 for a new personal best. Brian Burdon finished 1156th in 59:12, Martin McGregor 1162nd in 59:58, Louise Williamson, another future starlet finished 1184th in 1:00:50 with Natalie Watson 1184th in 1:01:58 in her first 10k race and Pawel Grzaslewicz in 1206th in 59:05.

Andrea Reese finished 1257th in 1:01:13, the legend Harry Singh 1262nd in 1:00:57, Philip Smithurst 1288th in 1:01:52, Harry Prince running as a V80 1302nd in 1:02:21 and Stephen Dauber 1310th in 1:01:53.Dawn McCready finished 1371st in 1:05:04 for a new personal

best, Lucinda Close running her second 10k finished in 1383rd in 1:06:04 for a personal best with Amanda MacDonald breaking her first 10k race best to finish in 1390th in 1:05:48.Julie Bell finished in 1434th in 1:07:28 with Emma Ivey in 1436th both in 1:07:28 ahead of Lisa

Smedley 1447th in 1:07:53. Brian Thompson running his first race finished 1540th in 1:14:02, Penny Ivison 1543rd in 1:13:28, Sarah Forster 1:14:11 in 1554th, Joanne Austin 1564th in 1:15:59 on her first 10k run, Leigh Hindle 1588th in 1:19:15 with the inspirational Rachel

Girard 1609th in 1:36:12.

Amazing turnout from an amazing group of people! #UTH