Senior Harriers Weekly Update w/c 19th September

It has been a very strange week in the press. We hear a man who was stabbed through his eye socket with a knife and had his brain pierced is actually fine, which is knife to know, a British man wins lg Nobel award for living as a goat in the Alps….talk about billy no mates

and to make matters worse Quality Street have decided to ditch one of the toffee based sweets giving all shoppers something to chew over, or not as the case may be! But before we take a look at what’s being happening at the club this week, let’s recap from last

weekend’s races

Last week we saw a number of races take place for the club starting at our own race, the South Park 20 mile race.Paul Allan was first to finish at the club finishing in a superb 5th place in 2:17:47 ahead of Jeff Miller 6th in 2:20:48, Graham O’Hara 8th in 2:22:11 and first

lady on the day Alison Matthews 9th in 2:22:49 with Nev Ford one place and five seconds behind in 2:22:54.Justin Hindmarch was next home in 12th in 2:31:48, Stuart Armstrong 15th in 2:34:54, Mark Haymer 18th in 2:38:10 and Peter Foulds 19th in 2:38:32.Graham

Garvey finished 21st in 2:40:42, Stephen McAllister 31st in 2:58:18, Lesley Miller 32nd in 2:58:33 despite three stops due to a foot injury and Neil Embleton 39th in 3:14:40.No nipples were lost in the running of this race….but a few were sore!

Once again, big thank you to everyone who came along and supported or volunteered on the day!Success of the event was down to your efforts. At the Acorn trail race Simon Rogers was first home for the club finishing 7th in 20:37, Sue Phillips was next home in 13th

in 22:14, Linda Noble 16th in 22:24, junior runner Liam Brittle finished 18th 22:45 with Megan Noble 20th in 23:06 ahead of sister Katie Noble 28th 24:26 and John Hall 31st 24:34.130 runners took part.

At Sedgefield Harriers Serpentine race last week Darren Stockdale was first to finish finishing in 45th in a time of 50:08 followed by both David Aiken and Mark Tallon 90th and 91st in 55 mins dead. Steph Kingdon was next home in 116th in 59.32 followed by Shirley Gibson who was 1st F65 and 121st overall in 60.15, Julie Bell 174th in 82 mins with Penny Ivison one place behind in 175th in 82.08.Also on Sunday we saw Harriers head to Hexham to take on the hilly Jelly tea Road 10 mile race.No official results have been released for this race however Barry and Louise finished in 71 minutes and 56 seconds on a tough course for 8th and 9th.  The weekend also saw Danielle Clark compete in the Kirkstall Abbey 7mile race finishing 300th in 67:54 from a field of 345 runners. Well done guys.

Last Sunday also saw Harriers try out something new…literally Tri as they competed in the Barnard Castle Triathlon.Results have now been released and can be seen below. 46 women competed in the ladies race and 95 in the men’s race.

NameAge GroupSwimT1BikeT2RunTimePlace
Jade HutchinsonJunior Female0:08:16.70:01:16.01:01:25.20:01:00.60:24:06.41:36:05.07
Sarah Tomlinson40-44 VetFemale0:11:31.20:01:39.21:04:09.00:00:57.90:26:58.41:45:16.016
Anne Hutchinson45-49 Vet Female0:11:06.90:02:59.41:09:51.70:00:58.90:31:04.41:56:01.630
Alyson Williamson50-54 Vet Female0:12:23.80:02:14.51:14:46.40:00:46.70:28:27.81:58:39.434
NameAge GroupSwimT1BikeT2RunTimePlace
Martin Grainger50-54 Vet Male0:09:35.90:02:17.80:56:41.10:01:17.80:19:53.81:29:46.618
David Tomlinson45-49 VetMale0:09:49.70:01:17.40:55:25.70:01:33.20:22:36.61:30:42.821
Steven Elliott40-44 Vet Male0:07:53.80:01:33.30:59:19.80:00:50.30:23:38.01:33:15.431
Andrew Dobson45-49 VetMale0:09:38.00:01:36.71:00:13.50:01:05.70:25:04.11:37:38.340
Barry Bell45-49 VetMale0:10:31.50:02:42.51:01:25.90:01:43.00:23:46.91:40:10.048
David McKenna45-49 VetMale0:11:46.60:03:08.01:13:06.40:00:40.70:21:34.91:50:16.867
Iain Girard45-49 VetMale0:13:43.60:03:44.91:13:09.70:01:06.60:28:34.92:00:19.979
Andy Williamson50-54 Vet Male0:12:13.70:02:32.01:21:10.70:00:55.20:25:42.82:02:34.683
Tai CharltonSenior Male0:14:23.80:02:28.51:22:50.90:00:52.60:30:20.62:10:56.690

On Saturday morning at Darlington South park amongst 327 runners Russell Adams, wearing his Harriers vest was first home finishing in a fantastic 2nd in 16:41 with Paul Lowe smashing his previous best to finish 3rd in a very impressive 17:02 with parkrun regulars Colin Taylor 5th in 17:47, Paul Cook 6th in 18:19, friend of the club Trevor Foster 9th in 19:36 one second ahead of Howard Parr 10th in 19:37.Tom Leighton looked in good form as he finished 11th in 19:43, Andy Dobson dipping under the 20 minute mark in 14th in 19:58 and Sam Talman chaperoned by Justin Hindmarch, father Barry and John Dunne, to finish 15th in 20:06 for a new personal best with Justin, Barry and John 16th, 17th and 18th respectively finishing within 3 seconds.Karl Hume, “the jackal”, finished 22nd in 20:34 for a new personal best with Andy Campbell-Critcley 26th in 20:51 just ahead of Martin Phillips in 27th in 20:55 after another fine run.

Graham Garvey finished 35th in 21:41 ahead of Barry Bell 39th running alongside friend Daniel Duggan on his first run.Martin Whitfield was next home in 47th in 22:28, Balbinder Singh 52nd in 22:37, Andrew Glencross 55th in 22:46 with David Ralph putting in another

personal best performance, finishing 56th in 22:52.Robert Austin finished 63rd in 23:01, Ian Brown 70th in 23:23 with youngster James Bennett-McNulty 73rd in 23:32, another personal best for the young man. ‘Aggressive driver’ Neil Embleton finished 78th in 23:49, Barry

Foster 86th in 24:23, Simon Daniels 89th in 24:40 and Shirley Gibson 106th in 25:22 on her 270th parkrun.Den Dale once again put in a personal best performance finishing 107th in 25:24 with Paul Rossington 110th in 25:40, also for a new personal best.

Steve McAllister finished 112th in 25:42, Danielle Clark finished 151st with a great run to finish in a time of 27:23 for a new personal best whilst Dave Hamer finished one place and one second behind, Martin McGregor one place and four seconds behind.Tina Corah

finished 161st in 27:53, Brian Burdon 164th in 28:04 and Stephen dauber 187th in 29:05 whilst Jonathan Boyle playing a supporting roleon the day finishing 195th in 29:26 ahead of Melanie Embleton on her first parkrun finishing in a superb 232nd in 31:26.Lisa Smedley

finished 242nd in 31:41 ahead of Julie Bell 250th in 32:10, one second outside her best, Julie Richardson 254th in 32:21 Peter Whitfield 274th in 33:26 one place and four seconds ahead of Brian Thompson who picked up a new personal best for his efforts and Iain and Rachel Girard’s daughter Laura who finished 316th in 39:33.Well done everyone.

Elsewhere we saw Paul Allan finish 4th in 19:07 at Whitley Bay on his first visit to the park, Phil Teece took 3rd place at Redcar in 18:41 from 141 runners; John Brant was 79th in 27:07 at Tees Barrage from a field of 226 whilst Mark Tallon and Steph Kingdon headed to

Sedgefield, Mark finishing 24th in a new personal best again of 23:08 with Steph 54th on her first visit in 26:18 from 181 runners. Well done all park runners. Dave McKenna took on the DT40 on Saturday afternoon a little 26.4miles of pain.Dave battled away to finish 20th in 4 hours 15 over tough terrain.Well done big man!

Also on Saturday at the North East counties Pentathlon and 5k championships at Monkton stadium it was another good day for our athletes as the club not only had the biggest club turnout of the day but also took home most silverware.  With a number of our junior athletes picking up medals on the day, U20 athletes Max Pentith finished as NECAA and Open champion with Rory Holden taking silver in both. Iona Richings finished as Senior Woman NECAA and Open meet champion with Matty Phillips picking up a personal best in the hurdles, silver medal for the north east and 3rd place overall.Great work all four of you.

Charlotte Knowles took on a different challenge this week at Capesthorne Hall as she took on the Born Survivor.Muddy well done for completing the course Charlotte!

In other news, our very own Becci Carter took a day of training to get married to her fiancé Simon Butler.

From everyone at the club congratulations and best wishes to you both to the future.I’m sure there’s a few at the club who will gladly raise a drink or three to you more than likely at the Tapas this Sunday afternoon.

On Sunday morning at Redcar a number of Harriers took on one of the two races on offer, either the 5km or the half marathon.Both races offering potential personal bests if you get a day with good weather.In the 5km race Drew Inglis was first home for the club in 2nd

place in a fantastic 15:24 followed by Graham Hindmarsh in 7th in 17:48 and 2nd in his age category.Barry Talman was 9th in a new personal best of 18:08 and 3rd in his age category with wife Louise 13th in 18:53and 1st in her age category.Dom Colley was next home

finishing 16th in a new personal best time of 19:24.

In the half marathon Colin Taylor finished 10th in 1:19:28, Graham O’Hara 48th in 1:27:37 two seconds and one place ahead of Jeff Miller in 1:27:39.Garry Collinson finished 68th in 1:29:59 with David Bracken 96th in 1:33:02 and Linda Noble 99th in 1:33:34.John Dunne

finished 118th in 1:35:22, Steven Wilkinson 143rd in 1:37:12 and Paul Keedy 147th in 1:37:16. Barry Foster was next home in 167th in 1:39:02, Steven Elliott 181st in 1:39:56 ahead of Pauline Brown 191st in 1:40:44. Andrew Glencross finished 200th in 1:41:18, Michael Sangster running his first half marathon finished 216th in 1:42:36 with Peter Foulds 230th in 1:43:19.Stephen McAllister

finished 301st in 1:48:19, Emma Morley 316th in 1:48:57, Peter Dods 351st in 1:51:19, Andy Gibson 361st in 1:51:52 with David Ralph 376th in 1:52:58.Paul Rossington finished 454th in 1:57:20, just ahead of Jonathan Boyle in 466th in 1:57:49, Zoe Rogers finishing the day with a

new personal best of 1:59:36 for 505th place with Ian Threadkell 518th in 2:00:36. Shirley Gibson was next home in 553rd in 2:04:13 ahead of Anneli MacKenzie Brown 635th in 2:11:30 and Amanda MacDonald 733rd in 2:26:00.Well done everyone I have no doubt there are

quite a few personal bests amongst those times too!

Further south, Nathan Hemingbrough entered the Bristol Half Marathon, another good course, fast and flat for any potential PB hunters.Nathan didn’t disappoint as he stormed to 111th position in 1:23:59 for a new personal best. Well done Nathan, great run.

Marathon des Sables fundraiser

On Friday night, Grant McTaggart held a fundraiser for St Theresa’s Hospice talking through his exploits through the desert marathons.For those who couldn’t attend you missed a cracking night, over £1100 raised on the evening in addition to the £3300+ already banked!

Fantastic achievement by the big man all for a worthy charity.

Alison Matthews supported her dad Joe Hughes on his first full marathon at Loch Ness. Outstanding running both of you, amazing achievement and opportunity to do this together