Senior Harriers weekly update w/c 19th December

Harry Singh, our very own club legend was in action last weekend at the Ultra marathon Dawn tillDusk race.Not only was Harry theoldest participant at 73 years old. But he also finished 3rd completing 58km’s in the process.The race organised by Sikhs in the city (which is genius by the way)starts at 8am and finishes at 4pm with the competitors objective…to run as many miles as possible!

Incredible achievement by an incredible man.Well done Harry, you continue to be a true inspiration to everyone at the club!

At Sunday’s Poultry run an 8 milemulti terrain race, Graham O’Harawas first to finish in a fantastic 50th place in 54:21 ahead ofSue Phillipswho finished in a time of 57:04 for 80th position.Darren Stockdale was another who had a really strong run finishingin 57:39 for 86th place ahead of Val Clarke in 140th in 01:01:46.485 runners completed the race.Well done all of you!

At last Saturday’s parkrun, Pauline Brown was presented with the ladies parkrun winner for 2016.Although we know parkrun is not a race, by putting in consistent performances throughout the year has resulted in Pauline picking up the trophy presented by Ian Barnes in this photo.

Well done Pauline, big effort by you throughout the year and very much deserved!

On Christmas Eve, South Park had331 runners on show, all keen to burn a few extra caloriesoff to fit in that extra pig in blanket!Colin Taylor was first home in 5th place in 17:54 followed by junior James Roberts 14th for a new PB supported by pacer Simon Rogers 15th in the same time.Louise Talman finished 17th in 19:04 ahead of Peter Armstrong 19th in 19:17 and Andy Dobson 21st in 19:30.Catherine Roberts finished 25th in 19:52 one place and five seconds ahead of Dave McKenna and 20 minute pacer Paul Cook in 27th.

Dave Tomlinson finished 29th in 20:05, Harry Wilson 41st in 20:54 and Linda Nobleand John Dunne 21;12 in 45th and 46th.Kevin Wilson was 47th in 21:16, Sam Talman 48th in 21:25 ahead of Graham garvey 58th in 21:56 and Ian Brown 60th in 22 minutes dead.Mark Milner finished 71st in 22:27 one place ahead of Dylan Wilson in 22:30 , Andrew Glencross 74th in 22:37 and Care Park in 22:38.Emma Morley finished 89th in 23:26, Paul Rossington 94th in 23:39, Jade Hutchinson 98th in 23:46 and another pacer, Richard Bowes 103rd in 23:58.Iain Girard 107th in 24:05, Robert Austin one place and one second with Jane Teague a further place and two seconds behind.Jonathan Boyle finished 112th in 24:15, Wes Atkins 115th in 24:21 ahead ofDiane Jones 131st in 24:52 and Sarah Tomlinson 153rd in 25:52.

Shirley Gibson finished 153rd in 25:52, Karl Hume 157th in 26:01, John Brant 165th in 26:38 with Freya and Barry Talman 26:40 and 26:41 in 166th and 167th with Dom Colley 169th in 26:42.Steve McAllister finished 26:55 for 175th, Dave Hamer 178th in 27:05 with Ian Barnes making another appearance in 208th in 28:13.Brian Burdon finished 260th in 30:41 ahead of Zoe Rogers running with her sonHarry who put in a personal best on the day finishing in thirty two minutes flat with mum one second behind, Stephen Dauber finished 286th in 32:47 with Penny Ivison just outside her previous best finishing 294th in 34:28.Well done all

On Christmas Day atSouth Park had203 runners on show no doubt after some 4am starts to the day!Andrew Dobson was first home for the club (been way too long since I’ve said that!!) in 14th place in 19:58 followed by Karl Hume 16th in 20:10 and michael Sangster 28th in 21:22.Ian Brown was 39th in 22:10, John Dunne 40th in 22:24 and David Ralph 46th in 23:08 with Sean Connolly a place and second behind.Andrew Glencross finished 48th in 23:24 followed home by Emma Morley 50th in 23:33 and Peter Dods 53rd in 23:40.Clare Park finished 61st in 24:12, Jade Hutchinson 64th in 24:21 alongside Iain Girard a place and two seconds behind.Tai Charlton finished 74th in 25:05, Catherine Roberts 81st in 25:26 and Shirley Gibson 88th in 25:43.

Den Dale finished 94th in 26:25 five seconds ahead of Janice foster in 95th who in turn was one place ahead of Neil Embleton in 26:38.Brian Burdon finished 103rd in 27:08 running alongside Dave Hamer 104th in 27:09 with Tina Corah 113th in 27:56.Freya Talman finished 124th in 28:37 ahead of mum Louise in 28:40 and dad Barry in 28:41.James Roberts finished 133rd in 28:52 after his previous efforts yesterday with Natalia Watson the sole personal best performer on the day in 155th in 30:18.Amanda MacDonald finished 163rd in 31:08, Sally Dale 164th alongside Michael watson in 165th and Chrissie Moore 194th in 39:51.

Happy xmas everyone!