Senior Harriers Weekly Update w/c 16th November

Senior Harriers Weekly Update w/c 16th November

On a fresh Saturday morning at Southpark, Darlington 237 runners turned up for the mornings run.With a nice cutting icy wind and slippy paths to keep everyone occupied this didn’t stop the Harriers putting in some top performances.Paul Helliwell cruised round in 5th place in 18:54 with Paul Cook (19:49), Peter Armstrong (19:51) and Andrew Park (19:59) all dipping under 20 minutes in 9th, 10th and 11th positions.Justin Hindmarch was next home in 13th place in 20:17 with John Dunne putting in another PB performance to finish 18th in 20:29.Craig Stoddart was one place and four seconds further back with Stuart Armstrong a place behind Craig in 20:44.

Sean Connolly was 24th in 20:58, outkicking Graham Garvey in 26th in 21:03, his best run for several months, Andrew Dobson 27th in 21:05 who is still struggling with an ongoing back, ankle problem since his 2:54 at London marathon, Mark Robinson in 28th in 21:12 and junior Dylan Wilson 29th in 21:14.Ian Brown and Dom Colley finished in 37th and 38th with one second splitting them, Ian in 21:50 and Dom 21:51 with Pauline Brown closing in finishing in 22:19 for 43rd.Youngster Harry Wilson finished 44th in 22:21 with Dave McKenna + dog 46th in 22:27.Andrew Glencross (22:37) and Dave Hynes (22:38) battled it out right to the line finishing 49th and 50th, Andrew edging ‘Uncle Albert’ making him look like a ‘right plonker!’

Jade Hutchinson finished 51st in 22:42 looking very relaxed with Michael Sangster putting in a last 100m sprint to break his PB in 22:53.Junior Sam Talman finished in 58th in 23:03 with father Barry 60th in 23:06, Bally Singh 63rd after another good run in 23:17 and Steve McAllister 65th in 23:30.Lesley Miller was next home in 68th in 23:41 with Robert Austin putting in another solid run in tough conditions for 71st and 23:57.Simon Daniels finished 75th in 24:14 with a strong finish with Dave Hamer 80th in 24:29. Shirley Gibson was 82nd in 24:35 with Charlotte Knowles 92nd in 25:22 and Tai Charlton 96th in 25:32.

Julie Beck was next home in 100th position in 25:35 followed by Tina Corah in 28:53 for 154th, James Hindmarsh 29:11 for 159th, dad Graham in 29:12 for 160th and Brian Burdon 167th in 29:54.Stephen Dauber was 184th in 31:25 followed by Paula Roberts 193rd in 32:24 and Steve Tinkler 196th and a new PB, taking a massive 4 minutes of his first run.Great work Steve!

Over in Albert Park, Middlesboro, Richard Easterbrook joined a field of 182 runners and finished with a new course PB of 23:50 finishing in 61st position.Well done Richard. John Brant headed over to tees Barrage for his morning run, finishing in 27:19 for 63rd place from a field of 129.16 more parkruns till the magic 200 John!Further South, Emily Halstead and Neil Addyman headed to their native Huddersfield to take on the morning parkrun.From a large field of 453 runners, Emily finished in 115th place for a new course PB of 23:17 with Neil finishing 178th in 25:26, his first run since a horrific injury during a Total Warrior event.Great to see you back Neil and awesome running Emily!

Down ‘sarth’, Alison Matthews and husband Paul took on the 2 lap Mile end parkrun, London.Despite being a little worse for wear (True Athletes) Ali finished in 14th position in 20:06 in a field of 110, husband Paul 6th in around 19:13, his first run after months of injury, judging by the ‘unknown’ finisher between 19:12 (5th) and 19:14 (6th).Well done both of you.


On Sunday, a handful of Harriers headed over to Cowpen Bewley, Stockton, as part of the 5k trail series.A mixed terrain race which if you turn up with the wrong footwear can lead to a disastrous race with certain sections of the course slippy mud making running impossible….i remember it well!

This race is dedicated in the memory of Gavin Duffy, a young, talented runner who was killed in tragic circumstances whilst on holiday in Dubai at the tender age of 26.Gavin’s younger brother Luke, can be seen on the circuit today and is already showing similar talent to his brother.Results are usually released midweek so more on this next week.

This week’s getting to know you are with Paul Lowe, Rachel Girard and Robert Austin.

Thank you to those who have submitted Your Getting to Know You forms will include yours next week!

For future reports I’m looking for volunteers to complete one of these as we have a number of new members and would be good to make everyone known.Please email me if you are interested, otherwise I will ask individuals J

  • 1.If you could have three wishes granted, what would they be?
    • Paul  3 more wishes
  • Rachel World peace, lots of time to spend with the family instead of working and to be able to run without sounding like a steam train lol
  • Robert Health and Happiness would do for me!
  • 2.If you could be an animal what would you be?
  • Paul Monkey
  • Rachel Dolphin
  • Robert Cat
  • 3.Who would win in a fight between Spiderman and superman?
  • Paul Spiderman
  • Rachel Spiderman
  • Robert Superman
  • 4.What are your hobbies?
  • Paul Writing, reading and running
  • Rachel Work, work and a bit of running lol
  • Robert Keeping (relatively!) fit, art, cloud photography, gardening
  • 5.Are you a half glass empty or half glass full person?
  • Paul Half Full
  • Rachel Half Glass empty
  • Robert It depends
  • 6.How many siblings in the family?
  • Paul one sister
  • Rachel one older sister
  • Robert one
  • 7.What is the weirdest job you’ve ever had?
  • Paul Working in a potato factory.  Could never tell the difference between an acceptable potato
  • Rachel none, I am very boring!
  • Robert None of my jobs have been weird - sorry!
  • 8.If you were on death row, what would you choose for your last meal?
  • Paul Full roast suckling pig
  • Rachel My own shepherd’s pie with hot chocolate fudge cake to follow
  • Robert A mars bar
  • 9.How do you think your best friend would describe you in 3 words?
  • Paul: What a ding
  • Rachel Loving, Caring and Shy
  • Robert Reliable, Punctual, Trustworthy (I hope!)
  • 10.If you had to change everything about yourself except for one thing, what about yourself would you like to keep the same?
  • Paul My motivation
  • Rachel My long hair
  • Robert Too difficult to answer!
  • 11.If you could pick any place to live, where would it be and why?
  • Paul The coast - so I could wake up to the ocean every day
  • Rachel Australia due to the nice sunny weather
  • Robert Somewhere warmer than here. Probably by the sea, for good cloudscape photos.
  • 12.While growing up, what was your dream job and why?
  • Paul Pilot - LOVED planes. Not so much now.
  • Rachel Wanted to join the police force as wanted to work with the police horses, this was because my dad was in the police force.
  • Robert Weather forecaster
  • 13.De Nero or Pacino?
  • Paul De Nero
  • Rachel De Nero
  • Robert De Nero
  • 14.And finally, what is your personal mantra?
  • Paul Just Be
  • Rachel Timing is everything. If it’s meant to happen it will, at the right time for the right reasons.
  • Robert Never give up