Senior Harriers Weekly Update w/c 15th August

What a week it’s been for the GB Olympic team with the team collecting 27gold, 22 silver and 17 bronze medals at the time of writing with the usual sports of cycling, rowing, swimming, conkers and gymnastics making up the majority of the collection.On home soil

we touched on a couple of races, firstly Heather Mochrie who competed in Wainstone’s marathon as part of the Hardmoors series. Heather finished 7th in 4:27.19 for first female from 127 finishers and secondly Chrissie Moore who ran in the South Shields 10 mile race

where she finished in a superb 365th in 1:56.28 taking a huge 9 minutes of her previous best from a field of 402 runners Wow!                                              

On Wednesday evening 4 Harriers were involved in the Triology Events, Mid-Week Super Sprint race.In the singles event Alison Matthews finished 2nd overall and 1st in her age category one place ahead of former second claim member Emma Robinson who also put in a fine performance on the evening.The team of Natalie Curgenven (swim), Sarah Tomlinson (bike) and Jade Hutchinson (run) was 1st of the two teams on the evening.

NameSwimT1BikeT2RunOverall TimeAG Place
Hollie   Elliott0:05:06.30:00:29.00:27:44.70:00:20.30:09:08.40:42:48.91
Alison Matthews0:07:16.90:00:54.80:28:50.20:00:27.00:08:51.30:46:20.51
Emma   Robinson0:06:56.50:00:38.80:28:58.50:00:28.70:09:34.40:46:37.22
NameSwimT1BikeT2RunOverall   TimeAG Place
DarlingtonHarriers Tryers0:06:28.20:00:31.80:31:05.90:00:33.50:08:57.10:47:36.61
Aykley   Heads Angels0:13:23.60:00:29.60:30:57.80:00:36.50:11:21.60:56:49.32

On Thursday evening at Durham, a large contingent of Harriers ‘rocked up’ at the Cathedral Relays to compete in the 3 athlete teams covering a 2 lap course, 2 miles in length including a sharp hill to contend with.Results as follows.

PosOverall TimeAge Cat, Individual and time

15 00:33:23 SM Shaun Marshall SM 00:11:04 19 Nathan Hemingbrough SM 00:11:02 16 Simon Rogers VM35 00:11:17

18 00:33:37 SM Paul Lowe VM35 00:10:58 17 Paul Helliwell VM35 00:11:11 17Paul Cook VM35 00:11:28

21 00:35:05 SM Barry Talman VM35 00:11:40 26 Paul Allan SM 00:11:13 22 Jamie Baldasera SM 00:12:12

2800:37:27 SW Louise Talman VW35 00:12:04 33 Sue Philips VW35 00:12:42 31 Natalie Curgenven VW35 00:12:41

29 00:38:02 SM Daniel Hunter VM35 00:11:51 29 Jeff Miller VM35 00:12:35 28 Darren Stockdale VM35 00:13:36

35 00:38:53 SM Barry Bell VM35 00:13:19 47 Ronnie Read VM35 00:13:10 40 Michael Sangster VM35 00:12:24

37 00:39:17 SM Richard Bowes VM35 00:12:28 37 David Aiken VM35 00:13:43 37 Michael Dolan SM 00:13:06

38 00:39:23 SW Jade Hutchinson SW 00:12:30 38 Pauline Brown VW35 38 00:13:46Charlotte Knowles SW 00:13:07

47 00:41:58 SM Iain Girrard SM 00:14:19 61 Andrew Glencross VM35 00:13:47 49 Neil Addyman VM35 00:13:52

57 00:44:25 SW Emma Morley VW35 00:14:17 60 Sarah Tomlinson VW35 00:14:53 57 Lesley Miller VW35 00:15:15

59 00:44:30 SM David Tomlinson VM35 00:12:41 40 Julian Pinkney VM35 00:17:11 63 Andy Williamson VM35 00:14:38

62 00:46:49 SW Alyson Williamson VW35 00:15:15 67 Stephanie Kingdon SW 00:15:56 65

68 00:59:59 SW Linda Tinkler VW35 00:17:29 72 Joanne Austin VW35 00:22:07 70 Lisa Smedley VW35 00:20:23 Janice Foster VW35 00:15:38


On Saturday morning at Darlington parkrun saw another big turnout of Harriers amongst the 306 field, a high number of which were incorporating the run as part of a longer run, easing off due to racing Sunday or on marshalling duties.Paul Lowe followed up on his

sterling performance at the relay to finish 3rd in 18:19 and was followed home by the legend Martin Grainger who finished 5th in 19:05 on his first time at parkrun.Howard Parr was next home finishing 12th in 20:10 on his 90th run with Shaun Marshall 15th in 20:30 and Sam

Talman 19th in 20:56.Paul Cook was next home in 21:31 in 22nd, Peter Armstrong 25th and Andy Park both in 21:47 despite Peter’s attempts to slow Andy down with Jeff Miller 27th in 21:53 keeping his distance from the children!

Pauline Brown finished 34th in 22:24 with Dave McKenna 36th in 22:35 and Jonathan Boyle 39th in 22:54 with Peter O’Neill 45th in 23:09.Robert Austin finished 47th in 23:13 one place and one second ahead of Balbinder Singh.Martin Whitfield finished 52nd in 23:20 only nine seconds outside his best, Simon Daniels 58th in 23:47, Sean Connolly 63rd in 24:08 and Iain Girard 66th in 24:17.Tom Leighton finished 68th in 24:23 with John Dunne 79th in 25:02 and Karl Hume 87th in 25:21.Peter Foulds finished 92nd in 25:35, Justin Hindmarch one place and one second behind on his 100th parkrun.

Den Dale finished 94th in 25:38 for a new personal best , John Brant 106th in 25:58 and Graham Garvey 110th in 26:07. Lesley Miller finished 116th in 26:39, Julie Beck 132nd in 27:11 and Dave Hamer 144th in 27:41. Shirley Gibson finished 145th in 27:43 with Freya and Barry Talman 148th and 149th in 27:49. Clare Park finished 160th in 28:17, Tina Corah 161st in 28:18, Martin McGregor 166th in 28:34 and Stephen Dauber 208th in 30:40.Amanda MacDonald finished 225th in 31:35 for a new personal best with Paula Roberts 227th in 31:41.


Starting our weekly parkrun round up at Northallerton parkrun where 88 runners took to the start line for the mornings run.Jade Hutchinson who has been in great form all year finished 1st female in 21:30 on her first visit with mum Anne 33rd in 26:31 with Julian Pinkney aka Judith Charmers 34th in 26:35.At Sedgefield Darren Stockdale finished 21st in 22:08 with Andrew Glencross achieving a new course best in 29th finishing with a time of 22:38 amongst 200 runners.Julie New was the sole running at Hackworth finishing 21st from 34 runners in 28:28 whilst Dom Colley finished with an impressive 22nd place in 19:47 for a new personal best from 300 field.We finish the roundup on foreign shores….in Cardiff as Richard Bowes finished 46th in 20:37 in a large field of 520 runners.Mark Tallon was in action again, this time in York in the 400m. Mark once again showed consistency finishing in 61.9 seconds in windy conditions for 3rd place.


Also on Saturday morning Heather Mochrie followed up back to back victories over the last two weeks to take on the Dig Deep 12.12 challenge. A 12.12 mile race in the Peak District with around 633 metres of ascent and continued hilly terrain makes this race hard to complete. Heather dug deep enough to ensure she made this three wins out of the last three races. Amazing effort Heather!

Three races took place on Sunday morning all of which results have yet to be released so will be covered in next week’s report.Firstly we saw athletes head to the Scorton 10k, a multi terrain race to helpraise money for Ovarian Cancer and Heriott Hospice Homecare. The

race, an approximate 10k is mostly on flat public footpaths, bridle ways as well as some public land. Lizzie Blundell, Allen Hazlett and Lorraine Wallis took on the Branches and Bays 10k trail Race in the beautiful and historic County Durham.Results have yet to be released so this will be covered next week.Well done all three of you.  Last but not least at Billingham a number of runners took part in the Ray Harrison 10k race, which forms part of the Grand Prix series at the club. A flat and fast race however can be impacted by weather as the course is fairly exposed with few places of shelter. Again results have yet to be published for this race all runners got round safely in windy conditions.