Peter Foulds

Healthy body, healthy mind! From a fatty to a runner!

Joining Darlington Harriers & AC has without a doubt been the best decision I have made, since my wife and kids came along. It has changed me as a person in loads of ways. All positively!

In the summer of 2013 I decided to lose weight and run. Weighing in at 18 stone 10lb, I needed to and having got down to 15stone and having really started to like running, I hit something of a wall. Running wasn’t as much fun and the weight wouldn’t go down and actually started creeping up.

Luckily, some old friends suggested the Harriers and put me in touch with Paul Cook. These past few months, since joining have been some of the best, happiest I’ve had in ages. My self-confidence is back and I’m fitter than I’ve ever been. The fun but hard training has stripped my weight down to 12 ½ stone since August and my running times are unrecognisable: half-marathon down from over 2 hours to 1h 45; 10k down from over 52 mins to under 46; and 5k down from 26 mins to just over 21. All this in 4 months!

It’s not just about weight and times though for me. The cracking company and strong team spirit have put my mind in such a clear, positive place. Basically since joining, I’m a better person in every way.

Training is so varied and race days have a great team feel to them. Everyone has supported me so much. My daughter liked watching from the side-lines so much so that she has joined the clubs expertly led schools club. In a short space of time she’s done things she never thought she’d do, such as cross country without stopping and even pole vault! Needless to say she loves it too!

To anyone thinking about trying out but maybe feeling nervous about their times, fitness, etc., come along get involved, have a laugh, train like a trooper and you’ll see why I said it’s the best decision I’ve made in ages. The club and my team mates have changed me forever, for the better.

Peter in action October 2015