NYSD Fixture 3 Hartlepool

Hi All,

Results from the third NYSD fixture at Hartlepool on 15.11.15 were as follows:

U17 women (4.6k): Katie Noble 20:05

U17 men (4.6k): Sean Connolly 19:59

Senior women (4.6k): Sue Phillips 20:05, Linda Noble 20:42, Natalie Curgenvan 21:09, Pauline Brown 21:59, Lesley Miller 22:21, Emma Morley 23:02, Stephanie Kingdon 25:26, Shirley Gibson 26:47 Rose Rutherford 35:23

Senior men (8.9k): Drew Inglis 34:29, Colin Taylor 35:36, Paul Helliwell 36:47, Nathan Hemingbrough 38:28, Simon Rogers 39:35, Daniel Hunter 40:55, Peter Armstrong 41:48, Darren Stockdale 42:47, Ben Wilson 42:59, Dominic Colley 43:08, Barry Bell 43:36, Graham Bell 43:50, Steven Elliott 44:13, Ian Brown 48:07, Peter Foulds 50:35, David Aiken 53:25, Mark Tallon 56:40

The hilly course and water jump combined with extreme mud made the course a great challenge this year.  Natalie Curgenven produced a brilliant run in her first competition for the club with Shirley Gibson completing her first cross country of the season. 

In the men's race Drew Inglis finished a brilliant 4th having had his shoe come of during the race. Simon Rogers was a creditable 38th on this tough course returning from a recent injury. Chairman Daniel Hunter, Peter Armstrong and Benjamin Wilson also got their first cross country fixtures of the seaon under their belt. 

The biggest news of the day was from the women's race where the below results show that Darlington Harriers & AC won the team event!

On a great day for the club in general, the men's team also managed a brilliant team performance, coming third in the standings...

Club championship points were of course available, the women scoring as per the below: (An explanation can be found at the end of this report)

This gives the following current standings for the season:

The men's points for Hartlepool were as follows:

Giving the following standings for the season so far:

Remember the next fixture is our home fixture at Croft on 29.11.15!

Explanation of club championship points:

Rules as follows:

  • Separate men’s and women's competitions.
    • Points awarded to groups of 4 men and 3 women in order of finishing.
    • The more people participating, the more points available!
  • Example: 16 male runners make 4 groups..

    o The first 4 runners will receive 4 points.
    o Runners 5-8 = 3 points.
    o Runners 9-12 = 2 points.
    o Runner 13-16 = 1 point.

    However if we have 20 male runners:

    o The first 4 runners will receive 5 points.
    o Runners 5-8 = 4 points.
    o Runners 9-12 = 3 points.
    o Runners13-16 = 2 points.
    o Runners 17-20 = 1 point.

    And so on for every extra group of four finishers...

    For women the same rules apply but the points are divided for every three women - If 12 women run: Positions 1-3 = 4 points, 4-6 = 3 points, 7-9 = 2 points, 10-12 = 1 point.

    If there is an incomplete group, the remaining runners get the same points as the last full group.

    The advantages here are:

    1, Nobody can get left miles behind in the championship
    2, Nobody can totally run away at the front
    3, The winner will have had to have high attendance all season
    4, More inter club competition within each race