401 Marathons in 401 days

Club supported needed on 17th Feb and 15th May 2016

I was contacted several months ago about this venture which is pretty impressive stuff!  i thought there may be one or two marathon runners or club members who may want to support Ben in his exploits next year.  If your interested please let me know, planning to do 2 x Walworth castle loops with him.



My son, Ben Smith (Southville Running Club Bristol), has set himself the challenge of running 401 marathons in 401 consecutive days around the UK.  He starts in Bristol on 1 Sep 15 and will be running in Darlington on 17 Feb 2016 and again on 15 May 2016.. 

First thing, he is not seeking free marathon places, sponsorship or money

As he is not familiar with the area, he was wondering if your club could come up with a marathon distance route for him to run in the Darlington area.

The route can be a full marathon, half marathon or looped route, just so long as its 26.2 miles. A number of clubs have made up runs based on their training routes. The route does not need to be measured to official race standards and most clubs are planning their routes for Ben on the various free running software sites, such as Mapmyrun. He normal runs on road, but is happy with a mix of trail/road. The route does need to start and finish at the same place.

Ben does not have a support team that will travel with him.  He is doing this as a one-man band, with help from an on-line support group.  If anyone from the club wants to join Ben on the day, he would be very grateful for the company - even if it’s just for part of the distance.   He is looking at running around a 10 min mile pace.  His planned start time will be around 1000.

If you could help in this venture, what we are seeking is a copy of the route on something like Mapmyrun or similar; anything that enables me to download a gpx file.  We would also like a copy of your club logo and club website address.  The route, logo and website address will be loaded onto our webpage, which hopefully will get you some more visits to your club webpage and more members.

He is doing this as a personal challenge and to raise money for 2 anti-bullying charities. During school-time he is hoping to start his day talking at a local school about his Challenge and anti-bullying.

Please have a look at the 401 Challenge website and Facebook page (links at the bottoms of this email)

Pete Smith

Ops Lead 401 Challenge

The 401 Challenge


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